PVR, Inox, & Theater Owners To Suffer A Whopping Loss Due To Brahmastra

Brahmastra, the first part of the Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt trilogy, has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. PVR, Inox, & theater owners are likely to suffer a major monetary loss due to Brahmastra.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Sep 09, 2022 16:53 IST
PVR, Inox, & Theater Owners To Suffer A Whopping Loss Due To Brahmastra
Brahmastra movie

PVR, Inox, & Theater Owners To Suffer A Whopping Loss Due To Brahmastra  

Instead of making its money back, it appears like Brahmastra is bringing down PVR and Inox investors with it. With early reviews casting doubt on Brahmastra's chances, India's leading cinema chains, PVR and Inox, have lost over ₹800 crores in market capitalization today.

According to Hindu beliefs, Brahmastra is an invincible destroyer that can only be halted by its counterattack Astra (weapon). Ironically, the film may become a victim of the weapon after which it is named. Despite a solid advance booking of ₹25 crores, Brahmastra debuted to lukewarm reviews. The Ranbir-Alia starrer received negative marks from critics, who described it as a king-sized disappointment.

If Brahmastra fails, it would not only be one of the biggest Bollywood flops, but it will also undermine the Hindi film industry's ambitions for a comeback at a time when multiple South Indian films have set records across the country. 

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Brahmastra, a film produced by Karan Johar with a ₹410 crore budget, stars Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Tollywood actor Nagarjuna, and even Shah Rukh Khan in a cameo. This is essentially a who's who list of the most powerful actors in Indian cinema.

Analysts predict that, despite the money invested in making this movie, which has already been delayed for a number of years, it may only end up earning less than half of what was invested. If Karan Johar and the company wanted to replicate the enchantment of films like RRR on a big screen, they might have to try again. Some fans claim that it essentially consists of a very terrible Ekta Kapoor plot combined with lines from a Crime Patrol episode that was poorly written.

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