08 Sep 2020, 11:16 am By Saumya Bansal
Netizens question 'Y plus' security given to Kangana Ranaut, asks why Deepika Padukone didn't get it when Karni Sena threatened her

After receiving death threats, Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut is given Y+ security from the government. However, not many people are happy with this since they raise questions on the BJP govt giving special treatment to Kangana Ranaut. And now in the latest tweets, Netizens ask why Deepika Padukone was denied any security when the Karni Sena had threatened to cut her nose during Padmavat promotions. 


A user asks, "Did @deepikapadukone get 'Y' grade security when the Karni sena threatened to cut off her nose during Padmaavat controversy/protests?" 


Another user wrote, "The Same Karni Sena which threatened to burn down Deepika Padukone alive, chop her nose off and even issued death thréats will now escort Kangana Ranaut. 

Wah! The level of Hypocrisy . And this "brave"  woman was called the real life Jhansi Ki Rani. Such an insult to the Rani."


This has also irked various other celebrities including Swara Bhasker and Farah Khan Ali who are liking and commenting on the tweets against Kangana and asking whether the security is given from their tax money? 


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