Kangana Ranaut's Twitter Account Got Suspended After She Allegedly Urged PM Modi To 'Repeat 2002' in West Bengal

Amid rising communal and political tensions in West Bengal, Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account got suspended after a progression of disputable tweets against Mamata Banerjee where she advised PM Modi to tame Bengal Chief Minister.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : May 04, 2021 14:03 IST
Kangana Ranaut's Twitter Account Got Suspended After She Allegedly Urged PM Modi To 'Repeat 2002' in West Bengal
Kangana Ranaut's tweet stirs controversy

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account has been suspended. The actress had tweeted against Mamata Banerjee. As we probably are aware, the national Ruling party confronted an enormous defeat in West Bengal where the Trinamool Congress won by more than 200 seats.

Recently, a few reports arose that TMC laborers had got into battles with BJP karyakartas and there were executions, political revenge killings, and carnage.

Various individuals from BJP and in any case approved the killings. Up until this point, it has been proven that TMC laborers were behind the violence. Kangana Ranaut had tweeted that she was exceptionally baffled that individuals of Bengal decided to remove the BJP.

In the wake of seeing a few recordings of the supposed viciousness, Kangana Ranaut said that Narendra Modi should take on his 'Virat' roop to tame Mamata Banerjee. She had utilized hashtags like #DeathOfDemocracy, #BengalBurning, and #PresidentsRule. Understanding this, many individuals were enraged.

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Individuals inquired as to whether she needed a second Godhra-like occurrence in the country. The tweets didn't go down with various individuals. She additionally tweeted that Mamata Banerjee's supposed Gundai ought to be taken care of with twofold Gundai and asked PM Narendra Modi to show his 'Virat' Roop.

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Kangana Ranaut is known for her straightforwardness and bold attitude when is comes to sensitive political issues and she doesn't refrain from speaking on political issues. Kangana has often shown her support for BJP, however, it looks as if she has crossed a line this time and got her Twitter account suspended. 

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