By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 04, 2020 22:17 IST
Hrithik shares Father Rakesh Roshan's workout video, says he is Strongest

The fear of Coronavirus has held almost the whole world. This Coronavirus is affecting them most, whose age is more than 60 years. In such a situation, everyone is being asked to pay attention to their ability to fight against diseases. This is why Bollywood celebrities are not missing their workout routine even in lockdown. Meanwhile, recently, actor Hrithik Roshan has shared his father Rakesh Roshan's workout video on Instagram. You will also be stunned by Rakesh Roshan's fitness at the age of 70. 

Hrithik Roshan shares Father Rakesh video

Hrithik Roshan While sharing the video of his father Rakesh Roshan on his Instagram, he wrote - 'Oops! This is my father… never give up. We need the will power of something to fight in such times. PS: He will turn 71 this year and he does 2 hours a day workouts and he has also recently defeated cancer. I think the virus should also be scared of them. Too much to fear. In this video, Rakesh Roshan is seen doing hardcore workouts with full devotion.

This video of Rakesh Roshan is quite motivational because doing workouts at this stage of age is not an easy thing. This video shared on Hrithik Roshan's Instagram is becoming quite viral on social media. There has also been a lot of reactions to the video, in which people are surprised to see this passion of Rakesh. 

Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan Workout Video

Talk about Hrithik Roshan, he had said that he is taking full advantage of the 21-day lockdown. He told that he is learning to play the piano at home. He also shared a video playing piano. At the same time, Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Suzanne Khan has returned with her children in the Roshan family.

Rakesh Roshan has made his mark in Bollywood as an actor, producer, and director. Especially with his son Hrithik Roshan, he has won award-winning films like 'Koi Mil Gaya', 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai' and 'Krish'. Rakesh Roshan's last film was 'Kabil'. Hrithik is the hero. Rakesh Roshan was treated in December 2018 by doctors who were diagnosed with an early stage of throat cancer. After surgery, he recovered from cancer. Rakesh, who is very active with 71-year-old Vyasulo, has been doing regular workouts to maintain his fitness.

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