Drishyam 2 Box Office Collection Day 7- Remarkable Achievement During This Turbulent Phase

While most films collapse, Drishyam 2 continues to deliver fantastic responses on its 7th day, Thursday of morning shows. Latest updates and occupancy rate on Drishyam 2 Box Office Collection Day 7

By Puja Roy, Updated : Nov 24, 2022 10:57 IST
Drishyam 2 Box Office Collection Day 7- Remarkable Achievement During This Turbulent Phase
Drishyam 2

Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam 2 made a fabulous opening at the box office on the 18th of November 2022, with a successful start on its first weekend, it continues to spread its magic on weekdays too. In its 6 days of steadiness at the box office, it earned around INR 96 Crores nett India. Here are the Drishyam 2 box office collection Day 7 discussed. 

 In Drishyam 2, the storyline of the movie is the key player that creates anticipation among the audiences to stuck on their seat till the climax. The compelling writing is the real winner, where nobody has really cared for its 2nd part, but when it hit the screens, it just blew away our minds. 

Personally, the film’s twists and turns are already shown in the Malayalam version of Drishyam 2, where we know what is going to happen next, but still watching it in the Hindi version with a different screenplay and editing it gave us a fresh vibe to watch it again.

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Drishyam 2 Day 7 Updates on Occupancy Rate 

According to the six days of the report, the film is continuing to mint money at the box office. The movie is said to have earned INR 9.6 Crores, which counts a total of INR 96 Crores at the box office. The film just slightly fell into short of becoming only the third Bollywood movie of 2022 after Brahmastra and Kashmir Files had double-digit earnings in seven days. 

As per the reports, the morning shows for Thursday, Day 7 is around 10-12%, which is expected to increase on the evening and night shows depending upon the occupancy rate. It is also estimated that the film might the 100 Crores Club at the box office today. 

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