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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Angrily said 'Get Someone else to do this'

The Biggest Reality Show of country 'Bigg Boss' in season 13 has been facing lots of controversies and amidst of this, host Salman Khan over show's controversies angrily ask makers to get someone else to do this. The Bigg Boss season 13 has been raised lots of controversies and also the show has not done well in TRPs this season. Over the Salman Khan's remark, somehow it seems Actor is not happy at all over the controversies and may decide to leave the Show. Infuriated Salman Khan walked off the stage and was not a good sign, though leaving the show could be a hard decision but intentions can't be denied entirely.

Bigg Boss 13 Controversies made Salman Khan infuriated

A new promo has been shared by Bigg Boss makers which shows infuriated Salman walked off the stage and this made contestants cower in fear, the actor screams in anger and says, Guess I want someone else to do this. Over the controversial remark from one contestant Salman Khan said he wants someone else to do this ask someone else to do this. Over the rebuke kind of remark made by Bigg Boss host Salman Khan the question has been raised is the actor really quitting Bigg Boss 13 or it is just another ploy for rating.

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What was the Argument- In Bigg Boss season 13 on Weekend ka Vaar episode, one contestant said in front of Camera: 'sayonara' is the Bigg Boss house. Then Salman Khan tells the contestant which was clearly shown in In the opening promo, that you might be doing it as a joke, but this is something very serious on Show.

Bigg Boss is facing very low TRP these Days

These days the reality show is facing lots of controversies and even on Twitter has faced boycottBiggBoss trend a few days earlier. The show is going down in TRP and raising several controversial remarks over show. Earlier Ministry of broadcasting issued the notice on the show. All over these controversies the host Salman Khan does not want anyone to go beyond the limits and this probable made the Actor infuriated.

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