07 Aug 2020, 10:51 am By Neha Sinha
Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide, at 40 in Mumbai

Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak, was found hanging at Dahisar in Mumbai home. She has acted in many Bhojpuri films and TV serials. As per the report, Bhojpuri actress died by suicide on August 2 at the Dahisar in Mumbai home. Before taking the extreme step, she went live on Facebook for 10 minutes. In the video, he expressed his pain and asked people not to trust anyone.

Anupama Pathak said "If you trust someone and tell him your problem that you are thinking of giving up your life, then no matter how good a friend he is, he is there to stay away from you. I would say because no one wants them to mess with you. in trouble after your death. Not only will this not only disrespect you, but it will also make fun of you in front of others. So never share your problems with anyone and never consider anyone as your friend."

According to reports, a suicide note from Anupama's apartment has also been found, in which he has given two reasons for taking these steps. In this suicide note, he wrote: 'I had invested 10,000 rupees in Malad's Wisdom Producer Company at the request of a friend. The company was due to return my money in December 2019. The company is reluctant to return my money.

A suicide note was also recovered from the actress's home. In the note, she mentioned financial problems as one of the reasons for taking the drastic step. He also mentioned a man, Manish Jha, in his suicide note. She alleged that the man took her two-wheeled vehicle in May and refused to return it to him later.

In her last Facebook post, which was at 12am, she wrote, "Bye and good night."

Previously, on August 6, the body of television actor Sameer Sharma was also recovered from his home in Mumbai. The actor apparently died by suicide two days ago.

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