By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 16, 2020 17:22 IST
World War 3! India-China clash, North Korea, Chinese Jets in Taiwan & US fleet signal a dare possibility

After decades, a violent face-off at India-China border which has caused casualties on both sides hints on escalating tensions between two nuclear-armed neighbors. The scuffle took place in Monday night and caused the casualties on both the sides. According to reports media reports 5 PLA soldiers and 3 Indian Army soldiers among them one CO lost their lives.

Among recent developments in Asia, alongside of Indo-Chinese violent face-off at border, in eastern region another escalatory tension erupted when North Korean regime blown off Inter-Korean Office, according to South Korean Media Agency.

Whereas Chinese fighters again seen intruded inside Taiwan airspace on Monday. According to media Reuters, Chinese Fighter aircrafts intruded inside Taiwanese territory which later driven back.

In meantime it has also been reported that US Navy has dispatched 3 of its Aircraft careers in pacific region. US Navy on Monday confirmed the presence of its deadly force in pacific reason amid ongoing situations with China in South China Sea. The recent developments in Asia continent have feared global media over a possible World War 3, if situation doesn’t brought under control.

Indo-China Border Violent Face-off

According to officials at India-China border an escalatory standoff which resulted casualties on both sides took place on Monday. This happened nearly after four decades between India and China when casualties reported. The last casualty across border was reported in 1975, an expert said. The fresh clash between the nuclear-armed Asian giants took place in Galwan Valley in Ladakh an Indian Union Territory. The Galwan Valley has been the contentious region and has been claimed by India and China both.

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Speaking over the June 15, violent face-off, Indian Army has confirmed that two Indian Soldiers and an Officer have martyred in clash. Whereas reports have also suggested that Chinese PLA has also faced 5 casualties and 11 of its soldiers injured in clash. However Chinese Media did not confirmed the deaths or numbers of injured by the time of report. However reports suggested that no use of ammunition was used in the conflict and possibly there was a physical battle.

Latest- India's army said on Tuesday senior military officials from both sides were meeting in a desperate bid to calm tensions. The Indian army statement said: “Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation."

China Foreign Ministry, asked about Indian Army reporting casualties in clash with China, says calls on India to not take unilateral actions or stir up trouble, tweeted Reuters over escalatory situation.

North Korea blown up Inter-Korean Office-

According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency, the North Korea on Tuesday blew up the inter-Korean joint liaison office in its border town of Kaesong, sharply escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula after near-daily threats to punish Seoul over anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets.

US-China over Taiwan

Taiwan- Meanwhile all three American Aircraft Carriers in Pacific are now deployed in South China Sea near Taiwan with Nuclear Bombers overflying the same, a report said. Earlier developments in the region said that US Navy has confirmed its presence in the region. "USS Reagan and the USS Roosevelt are in the western Pacific, while the USS Nimitz is in the east, biggest deployment since 2017. All 7th Fleet's forward-deployed submarines were at sea conducting operations in the western Pacific", US Navy Officer tweeted.

Chinese fighter jets in Taiwan-

In a fresh report Chinese fighter planes intruded into Taiwanese airspace; which later driven back. In a report it is said that "Taiwan jets 'drive away' intruding Chinese fighter plane, third intrusion in days, A single J-10 fighter was given radio warnings to leave before the Taiwanese air force jets ushered the intruder out of the airspace.

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