By Neha Sinha, Updated : May 11, 2020 12:09 IST
New Corona Cases in Wuhan starts emerging, Possibly a Second Wave?

As per the latest report, New Cases in Wuhan Starts emerging, (Shanghai) China on Sunday reported the first case of coronavirus in over a month in Wuhan, the city where the outbreak first started in December last year. The Chinese National Health Commission also reported the first double-digit increase in cases across the country in nearly 10 days, saying 14 new infections had been confirmed. Two of the cases were imported into the country from abroad, the commission said.

China reports the second day of new cases of coronavirus in Wuhan after a month without new infections at the pandemic's global epicenter, offering a stark warning of the dangers of a fresh wave.

New Corona cases in Wuhan

The coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan, major transportation and industrial city in central China, in December. Since then, it has infected nearly four million people worldwide, deaths more than 270,000 people worldwide, and has paralyzed the global economy. The total number of infected in China is 82,901, with an official death toll of 4,633.

No new deaths have been reported for nearly a month. The ruling Communist Party of China imposed a quarantine lockdown on tens of millions of people, first in Wuhan and then in the rest of Hubei province, starting on January 23, making Wuhan the first place in the world subject to draconian constraints. Authorities began lifting the restrictions in late March.

New Corona Cases in Wuhan, Possibly a Second Wave?

China has faced criticism both at home and abroad for minimizing the coronavirus and hiding information about the outbreak when it first emerged in Wuhan. Beijing has insisted that it has always shared information with the World Health Organization and other countries in a timely manner. However, a senior health official said Saturday that the outbreak exposed 'shortcomings' in China's public health system.

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