By Neha Sinha, Updated : May 28, 2020 16:58 IST
Extreme Escalation at Gaza- 170 plus Rocket Fired on Israel 90% Intercepted

On Tuesday, around 170 Rockets fired on Israel from Gaza Strip. Israel came under extremely escalating attack from Hamas on Tuesday. After the kill of Abu al-Ata by Israeli Air Force, Gaza Administrators planned the attack on Israel. Israel was under heavy attack on Tuesday, Rocket and interceptors clearly seen in sky. After the attack extremely dangerous escalation was reverted from Gaza Strip by Hamas & rockets in hundreds of numbers fired on Israel. Shortly after the attack, dozens of rockets were launched towards Israel as air raid sirens sounded across southern and central parts of the country, including the commercial capital, Tel Aviv and neighbouring cities. Later on Social media specially on twitter trends including IsraelUnderAttack, IndiaWithIsrael, IsraelUnderFire were among top trends in India on Wednesday.  

Israel under Attack Hundreds of Rockets Fired 

Israel under Attac

As per reports from Al Jazeera around 170 plus non-stop rockets were fired on Israel and 90% of them intercepted by Israeli defence forces, remaining part led the 39 lightly injured in Israel, based on reports. Israel responded earlier heavily and the Israeli air strike led to kill the leader of Abu al-Ata and other top leaders. Israeli military said PM Benjamin Netanyahu had authorised the operation against Abu al-Ata, blaming him for recent rocket, drone and sniper attacks against the country. 

After Israeli air strikes Islamic Jihadi Group from Gaza Strip fired 170 plus rockets in past 24 hours, targeting Israelis. Families later given cower in shelters, to provide safe shelters. Try to imagine how you would feel Tuesday. In Israeli strike Abu al-Ata's wife was also killed. 

India Stands with Israel

Israel under Attack

A Palestine based Terrorist Group Hamas, which administer the Gaza Strip, after Abu al Ata’s kill said Israel "bears full responsibility for all consequences of escalation", and promised Abu al-Ata's death "will not go unpunished". 

Who was Abu al-Ata & His Role in Attack on Israel 

Abu al-Ata was the leader of Terrorist Group based in Gaza strip. He was responsible for most of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's activity in the Gaza Strip and was a ticking bomb,"

Source- Al- Jazeera


Around 200 such rockets were fired from Islamist Terrorists of Gaza at civilians in Israel. #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #Israel #IsraelUnderFire #seelatest #IsraelUnderAttack Pray for Israel.

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