By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 23, 2020 17:34 IST
Zoom boosts encryption features on its video conferencing app to quell safety concerns

Zoom is boosting its encryption features in its video conferencing software and upgrading security features to help prevent zoom-bombing and other privacy intrusions.

Zoom boosts Encryption features

The Zoom Video Communication Inc. on Wednesday stated that it will make available a new 5.0 version of its software later this week. In addition to the improved security features, Zoom will be using more advanced encryption that will protect better the meeting data and prevent tampering with online meetings.

Earlier this month, addressing the safety issues, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said the company would spend the next 90 days tightening the platform's security to help prevent instances of video conferences being interrupted by ‘zoom-bombing’ incidents. US based Zoom now has over 300 million daily users after adding 100 million in the last 22 days. The number of users is increasing quite rapidly even as it faces a barrage of criticism from cyber security experts as well as users over bugs in its codes and the lack of end-to-end encryption of its chat sessions.

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The use of Zoom has increased due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic which has forced corporate offices, political parties, school districts, organizations and millions across the world to quarantine themselves making them work from home.

Zoom bombing incidents increased in past month causing a number of problems for schools and educators, because unwanted participants posted lewd content. Some schools had to suspend using video conferencing altogether. An example with the teleconferencing system which occurred in a school in Norway in March 2020 when a man logged in and shared video of sexually explicit content. The school switched to using Microsoft Teams instead.

Certainly, after these kind of events Zoom shares closed up nearly 5 percent at $150.25 on Wednesday.

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