By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 25, 2020 11:44 IST
Zoom Competitor: Facebook set to launch 'Messanger Rooms' Video Chat App

Amid the controversy over zoom app data security related issue facebook is launching its competitor to own the video conferencing market as well.Facebook has launched messenger rooms for socializing with friends and family. It is expected that messenger room will roll out in upcoming weeks. As per initial report, in Messenger Rooms 50 participants could be added at one go.

Facebook Messanger Rooms would be virtual platform to connect people through Video Conferencing, the sources said. As in recent days Zoom app has been getting popularity amid lockdown as video conferencing was necessary and crucial for meetings, online classes etc. Messanger Rooms Video Chat app would be seen as competitor of Zoom.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

So far Zoom Video Chat app is being used by many govt.authorities for official purpose because of two reasons- firstly zoom app provides clearer clarity of video conferencing comparatively other apps,secondly it connects more people to a video conferencing that is certainly not possible with other apps, whereas issues related to security concerns with zoom app served as negative point. However in its recent report, Zoom clarified that all flaws in Video Chat App are fixed. Earlier in Zoom app it was reported that many servers are working directly through China that could be used for spying and a question mark to national security.

Amid all this controversies Facebook Messenger app is providing an alternative platform to people around the world for video conferencing with 'Messanger Rooms'. As facebook is already used by people all around the world then it server as a symbol of trust among many.

As Facebook is all set to roll out its 'Messanger Rooms', it would be interesting to see that at what extent facebook messenger room can beat zoom app in terms of clarity of video conferencing and many other parts. Also capacity of connecting more people in a single meeting is the specialty of zoom app, that is 100 person and 500 person for large meetings even you can host an unlimited number of meetings but if you like to have more than one meeting concurrently then you will need additional host license in a meeting and facebook messenger has limit of maximum 50 person.

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Here is a prescribed need for facebook messenger room to enhance capacity of connecting more people. It would also be more really interesting to explore at what extend facebook can take charge of zoom apps fan following.

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