By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 21, 2020 12:47 IST
In Ruby Hall Clinic Pune 19 Nurses found Corona positive, total 25 staff members infected

In Pune based Ruby Hall Clinic 19 nurses are found Coronavirus positive, with total 25 cases in Hospital. Aa per report along with 19 Nurses who found Corona positive, total 25 staff members are infected of the same virus at Ruby Hall clinic in Pune, says Bomi Bhott the CEO of Ruby Hall Clinic. After testing 600 of medical staff at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune, 19 Nurses have turned Covid19 positive, total number raising to 25 in Clinic. Dr Purvez Grant, Managing Trustee at Ruby Hall Clinic said that there were 600 tests taken from the hall clinic and 25 in total numbers have tested for coronavirus and out of these, 19 nurses have been tested positive.

Doctor said that 19 nurses have tested positive but no one has critical symptoms. It was 15 days back that his 3,500 member staff at Ruby Hally clinic was administered with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), he further said. However this is not lonely surprising case, on April 20, total eight cases of Coronavirus positive were discovered in Lady Harding Hospital, Delhi.

Even before that many cases of infection to doctors have also been recorded earlier. This symbolises that how the one who are treating the disease are in highest risk of infections that too is dangerous because infected doctors unwilling and unknowingly transmit the disease to others.

One reason for spread of virus to the doctor would be lack of PPE kits for doctors that ultimately causing hindrance for them to protect themselves. However lack of medical equipments always impacts negatively when protection from disease is substantially crucial these days. Govt. Should acknowledge this problem and ensure as many PPE kits for doctors.  

China is top producer and supplier of medical equipments. These days China is making remarkable profit by selling these equipments. As demand of PPE kits and medical equipments has raised thus they make huge profits out of the necessity of the world. Therefore many claim China for spreading virus through faulty PPE kits to make profit in the wake of pandemic.  
Maharashtra is the hot-spot of corona virus spread in India as most cases of covid 19 are marked here. As of now 4203 slcases have been recorded there and 223 are died due to corona.

Whereas 18601 cases are marked in India in which 3252 have successfully recovered and 590 are dead. On other hand 24,78,153 cases of covid-19 are marked all across the world, 6,51,503 have recovered but 1,70,324 died due to Coronavirus. In India Maharashtra being a rich state in population density has also turned most affected state of Coronavirus in country. Mumbai and Pune consists major hotspots of Coronavirus. It is a challenging task for the govt. to stop transmission of virus in such populous cities.

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