By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 22, 2020 11:13 IST
Palghar Incident: No Muslim among 101 arrested in Saints Lynching, State Home Minister

The entire investigation of Palghar has been handed over to CID and 101 people were arrested eight hours after the incident. No Muslims among 101 arrested in connection Palghar incident, The criminals had fled into the nearby forest. We took them from there. State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has announced that the list of 101 people will be announced today. Anil Deshmukh interacted with the public through Facebook. Speaking at the time, he said that it was unfortunate to give ethnic color to the incident in Palghar.

Palghar incident no Muslim among arrested

There was a sound heard in the video 'Oye Bas', people circulated it online and some called it 'Soaib Bas'. All state mechanism is fighting the pandemic & some people tried to bring communal angle in this matter Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Palghar incident. A Special IG level officer in CID is investigating the matter. But I would like to mention that police arrested 101 persons within 8 hrs of the offense. We're releasing the names of accused via WhatsApp today, there's no Muslim in that list Maharashtra Home Min on Palghar incident.

There were no Muslims in the Palghar incident. While this was happening, a misconception was spread that Shoaib was being used instead of 'Oye Bus'. The incident was given a racial slur. This is unfortunate. Today, the whole system was trying to bring caste politics into it while fighting the corona. Today is not the time. It's time to work together, 'said Anil Deshmukh. He also requested everyone to cooperate. Anil Deshmukh also lashed out at the opposition, saying, 'Some people are dreaming of Mungerilal Ke Haseen when everyone needs to face the Corona together.'

Palghar Incident: No Muslim among 101 arrested in Saints Lynching

Therefore, your police department has written to the Saktawasuli Directorate (ED) and the CBI asking them to be detained. The Wadhwan family will remain in our custody until the CBI takes them away. We will hand over to them after the CBI contacts us, ' Anil Deshmukh said.

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