By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 27, 2020 14:47 IST
Large Crowd Gathered at BJP MLA's residence amid Lockdown, FIR Registered

A large crowd gathered in Maharashtra at BJP MLA's residence in Wardha. Large crowd who gathered at BJP MLA Dadarao Keche's residence yesterday violated the lockdown badly. As per reports the crowd was told that ration is being distributed at his residence over the occasion of MLA's birthday in Wardha, Maharashtra. Against BJP MLA an FIR has been registered against the MLA.

In Wardha at BJP MLA Dadarao Keche’s residence a huge crowd was gathered breaking the all norms set under Lockdown in Maharashtra. On one hand in Maharashtra the Covid19 positive cases are surging at high level and amidst of the lockdown this kind of Crowd gathering can’t be taken lightly, Wardha Police said. FIR has been registered against BJP MLA.

Large Crowd Gathered at BJP MLA's Residence

Breaking down all norms of Social distancing amid nationwide lockdown, around 200 people Gathered at Keche’s residence in Wardha. Whereas BJP MLA accused rivals for Crowd Gathering amidst Lockdown. Over the crowd gathering BJP MLA said this was the plot of his rivals who spreading the fake food invitation over his birthday made crowd gathering at his residence in Maharashtra.

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BJP MLA denied that he had invited people to celebrate his birthday, the local SDO sub-divisional officer has issued a notice under various provisions against Keche for violation of rules invoked amid lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus.
It is reported that around 200 people Gathered at MLA's residence.

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