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Velvet Nagaram Movie Review: A must watchable Varalaxmi Sarathkumar starrer thriller film

Manojkumar Natarajan directorial debut Velvet Nagaram Tamil film is taking on theatres on 6th March 2020. Velvet Nagaram an Indian Tamil Language based on a psychological thriller film on Friday hits the big screens & Rating are provided. As per the responses covered at social media ahead of the Movie release, Velvet Nagaram movie review covered average. Written and directed by Manojkumar Natarajan. the film starring Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the lead role beside her other supporting star are Ramesh Thilak, Prakash Raghavan, Malavika Sundar, Santhosh Krishna, Kasthuri Shankar, Arjai. Velvet Nagaram movie review the film is produced by Arun Karthik's Makers Studios and music composed by Achu Rajamani. Velvet Nagaram refers to the Velvet City.

Psychological Thriller film is all about a journalist who begins investigating in a forest fire near Kodaikanal as she suspects it was not a natural incident. But as she gets closer to the truth she finds herself getting into more trouble. This film gets positive response from worldwide

Velvet Nagaram Movie Review

Velvet Nagaram

Gener: Action, Thriller

Director: Manojkumar Natarajan

Producer: Arun Karthik

Star Cast: Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Ramesh Thilak

Language: Tamil

Time Cover: 1hrs 42 mins

Velvet Nagaram Movie Rating: 2/5

Velvet Nagaram Movie Story: A journalist traces the mystery behind the murder of an actress, but she finds herself in a perilous situation after getting cornered by a bunch of goons. The film begins with the portrayal of struggles lead by tribal community based out of a hill station. Actress Gauri (Kasturi), who works for his or her upliftment in several ways, is their only solace. One day, she gets mysteriously killed, and her friend Usha (Varalaxmi), a journalist, sets bent to find her assassin. She seeks the assistance of her friend Priya (Malavika Sundar) and her husband Pradeep (Mugilan) to understand more details about Gauri’s activities.

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Velvet Nagaram

Velvet Nagaram is a clueless film. Following in the footsteps of V1 Murder Case and Rajavukku Check, it is yet another social message film in the guise of a thriller. At least, V1 was a serviceable thriller. Rajavukku Check won't have entertained, but it did effectively mention its theme. Velvet Nagaram treats its social message with the depth of a flyer advertising a vacant position for a part-time receptionist.

How do you judge a film where nothing ever happens (according to your brain), even though your eyes and ears tell you otherwise? For most of the film, because it restlessly moves around, the camera seems to be mounted on the shoulders of a sparring boxer. It disorients and creates a sense of nausea. This could be interpreted as conveying the chaos of the situation if only the characters did not just stand around until it is time for them to say their lines.

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