By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 15, 2020 16:27 IST
US records 2,228 deaths in last 24 hours, Trump halts US funding to WHO

According to the AFP News Agency, US President Donald Trump announced the halting of funding to the World Health Organization. This happened after the country recorded 2,228 deaths in the last 24 hours. On Tuesday (USST) President Trump took the decision to halt US aid was being given to World Health Organization WHO as it lied to US People on Coronavirus after conducting assessment in China. President Trump has also tagged WHO a China-centric organization. On another hand the number of Covid19 cases on Tuesday recorded a sharp increase after the two days decline and beat a previous high of 2,108 on April 10. The pandemic has now claimed at least 25,757 lives in the USA.

The US records 2,228 deaths in the last 24 hours

The US President Donald Trump and the World Health Organization have been in conflict over the Coronavirus issue. Now Donald Trump has decided to stop the US funding to WHO. As per the reports, America's President made a big decision amid the Corona crisis. The coronavirus epidemic has been the worst in America, as more than 6 lakh people are in the grip of this epidemic and more than 25 thousand people have lost their lives.

US President Donald Trump accused China of spreading the coronavirus and also blamed the World Health Organization for it. As a result of this, the US has now decided to stop the funding of WHO.

US President Trump  has decided to stop the US funding to WHO

If we talk about US funds, last year it gave $ 400 million funding to WHO, which is 15% of WHO's total budget. At the same time, if we talk about China than this, then its funding does not appear to be in front of it.

President Trump on April 14, took the decision to halt the funding because of WHO’s stand on the Coronavirus outbreak. He said that he has instructed his administration to halt funding while ‘a review is being conducted to assess the role of the World Health Organization in severely mismanaging and spread of the Coronavirus.

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  • US state department also reported its COVID-19 fatality among its staff.

It is also said that President Trump is going to convene G7 Leaders in ‘video Call’ to discuss COVID-19 pandemic. The deadly pandemic has already killed more than 125,000 people and infected nearly two million worldwide since it first emerged in China late last year.

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