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Joker Review: A Biggest Hollywood Thriller & Must Watchable Story of Phoenix

Genre- Drama, Mystry, Action & Thriller

Cast- Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) in Lead Role

Writer- Todd Philip& Scott Silver

Director- Todd Philip

Producer- Bradley Cooper

Certified- U/A

Joker Movie Languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, German

Time Covered- 122 Minutes (2 Hour & 2 Minutes)

Production Companies- DC Films and Village Roadshow Pictures

Joker Ratings- 4.5/5

Joker Movie Review - Joker is an American thriller film which standalone and covers a great fictional story of Arthur Fleck the Joker who embraces chaos &comedy when society rejects him. The JokerMovie is directed by Todd Phillips, and written by Todd Philips with Scott Silver as Co-writer. The movie is based on DC Comics characters and the leader among them is Jaoquin Phoenix who play as Joker. The production companies are DC Films and distributed by Warner Bros.

Joker movie is totally amazing and have been rated 4.5 out of 5. Across the thriller film, the dialogues, story and the role as a Joker by Phoenix are among the stunning points in Joker Movie.

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Movie Joker Releasing Date- 04 Oct 2019

Arthur Fleck (Joker) who remained forever alone in Crowd and seen as failed comedian seeks to keep his job, but?troubled and is told that he suffers from a condition where he starts laughing uncontrollably in the Gotham City which is termed as Burning City. Arthur Fleck suffers and struggle to find way to fractured Society of Gotham.

The Most awaiting Joker Movie in Thriller genre is all set to hit the big screens on 4th October 2019.

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Joaquin Phoenix - Arthur Fleck / Joker

Robert De Niro- Murray Franklin

Jolie Chan- Street Worker

Zazie Beetz- Sophie Dumond

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