By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 16, 2020 11:45 IST
Donald Trump thanks India with 200 Ventilators, a response to HCQ supplies

US President Donald Trump has extended his support of sending Ventilators to India as a Thanks in response to Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) supplies India made. US Government is expected to send around 200 ventilators to India soon as a special gesture of friendship to help it fight Covid-19. As per reliable sources, the ventilators would be a generous Thank You to India for lifting the ban on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and sending the HCQ drug to the US last month.

In reply to HCQ supplies to United States of America, Trump administration has decided to dispatch two hundred Ventilators to India through its special gesture. On Saturday US President itself confirmed that US is sending a lot of ventilators to India.

Donald Trump thanks India with Ventilators

In recent week Trump has repeatedly said in his press conferences that the US now has Thousands of extra ventilators and can help other countries that urgently need them. In USA the national stockpile has grown to 10,000 ventilators over the past month, allowing Trump to help countries that need them, recently President Donald Trump said in White House briefing. The US is now the King of Ventilators, and ready to help countries affected most of Covid19 pandemic, Trump recently said. President Trump has praised General Motors for converting an existing plant to produce ventilators and then ramping up production to meet the heavy demand in the US.

  • On Saturday US President said- We are sending a lot of ventilators to India, I spoke to Prime Minister Modi. We are sending quite a few ventilators to India. We have a tremendous supply of ventilators.

As a special gesture of friendship, the US government is expected to send around 200 ventilators to help India meet its critical needs in the fight against the Corona virus. Well-informed sources said the delivery of 200 Ventilators to India is expected soon, but could not be more specific about the time frame.

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Earlier President Donald Trump termed HCQ as a Game-changer in fighting the virus & said India’s gesture will not be forgotten. And it seems it wasn’t as both sides work to dispatch and recieve the ventilators, one of the most sought after devices the world over to fight the pandemic.

In prior of it, US President has also extended his support of Ventilators to Russia and United Kingdom.

Source- Economic Times

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