Diwali 2020 Date and Time: All about the Significance of Deepawali, Laxmi Pujan and its Muhurat

People are waiting for Diwali 2020 to celebrate. Let's see the Diwali 2020 date and time and the significance of Deepawali, Laxmi Pujan, and its muhurat. It is known to be the Hindu's most popular festival.

By Pratibha Pahariya, Updated : Nov 06, 2020 12:19 IST
Diwali 2020 Date and Time: All about the Significance of Deepawali, Laxmi Pujan and its Muhurat
Diwali 2020

Diwali 2020 is the Hindu festival of lights and people await this festival the whole year. lets us know more about Diwali 2020 Date and Time and about the Significance of Deepawali, Laxmi Pujan, and its Muhurat. It's one of the most popular Hindu festivals that symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness. 

On this day, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped for wealth and prosperity. Lord Rama comes to his hometown Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. According to our ancient history, on his return, the people in Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting lamps and diyas. Diwali also has a connection to Goddess Laxmi and Kubera Puja.

Diwali signifies the victory of kindness and good over evil things. Let's move on to the know Diwali 2020 Date and Time and the significance of Deepawali's Laxmi Pujan. 

Diwali 2020 Date and Time

Diwali is observed on Amavasya (full moon) in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. Diwali 2020 is celebrated on November 14, Saturday. Laxmi pujan will begin from 05:28 PM to 07:24 PM on 14 November. This five-day festival is also known as Panch Mahotsav that begins with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. In the middle of this, there are festivals like Narak Chaturdashi and Govardhan Puja. Deepawali is considered to be the most auspicious festival. 

Significance of Laxmi Puja on Diwali

Significance of Laxmi Pujan and Muhurat

On November 14, Laxmi Puja will be celebrated by offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. She is also referred to as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and is worshipped across India. Laxmi Puja is important as celebrating Diwali. The whole procedure of Laxmi Pujan is as follows: 

A prosperous Laxmi Pujan is being performed to seek the blessing of Goddess Laxmi. Families dress up in festive attire and new clothes are bought. During the puja, the main door is kept open as a symbol of entering the Goddess into our homes. A beautiful rangoli made of flowers/ colours and other decorative items adorn the threshold of houses and door hangings are used to enhance the beauty of the house. New ventures are started on this day and businessmen start the new accounting year after seeking the blessing of Goddess Laxmi. Let's forget to not burn crackers and protect our environment. 

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As a pre-Diwali celebration, people decorate their house and clean the interiors so that Goddess Laxmi could bless them and celebrate it by meeting their loved ones. But this time Diwali 2020 will be different due to pandemics But still, people have the instinct of this festival and wish their loved ones in Diwali 2020. 

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