By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 05, 2020 21:32 IST
Be Careful on April 5 while lightening Diyas, Indian Army issues advisory

Indian Army has said that 'Be careful on April 5 while lightening Diyas/ Candles. Indian Army through its tweeted handle ADGPI issued advisory to be careful on April 5 while lightening Diyas/ Candles on Prime Minister Modi’s call addressed through his video message. Indian Army in its advisory said ahead of lightening of Diyas/ Candles we should use soaps to wash our hands not alcohol based sanitizer. Adding a tagline 'Har Kaam Desh Ke Naam' Indian Army says we all together can fight this war against Covid19.

Latest updates are coming that full cheer is being observed among children, and young lads. India is ready to light up Diyas/ Candles at doors and balconies as time is reaching towards 9 minutes. People in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and other parts of country have been reported that, it's going to a festival like celebration to show solidarity for Corona Fighters.

Indian Army through social media handle tweeted the advisory message as precautionary measure on April 5 before lightening of Diya/ Candles. ADGPI urged to use soap rather than alcoholic sanitizer before lightening of Diya or Candle tomorrow at 9pm

Be Careful on April 5, Indian Army

Indian Army's advisory is released in connection to washing hands before lightening of Diyas or candles on April 5 at 9 PM in late evening. After the call of Indian Prime Minister, citizens are asked to give 9 minutes on this Sunday to put Diyas and Candles on and electricity off across India.


Through social media handle it is urged by Indian Army to take this precautionary step on Sunday at 9PM.
Earlier to this advisory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his video message released on April 2, at 9 AM asked Citizens to give 9 minutes on April 5, right at 9 PM to light candles/ Diyas or mobile flashlights after turning off electric bulbs.

Opposition on Lightening Diyas on 5 April

Criticising the Prime Minister's video message call opposition party leader or former finance minister P Chidambaram replied to PM'call of lightening Diyas/ Candles, said we will light up Diyas but PM should focus on Economic conditions of real-time. In addition to that several other opposition party leaders joined the row and rejected the call made by PM on 5 April.

Shouldn’t turn lights off together, says Energy Minister

Whereas earlier today Maharashtra Energy Minister brought that if we all put lights off together it may result to grid non-functioning. If that happens that might take a week to recover normal functioning of power supply.

be careful on April 5

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In series of the events on April 5, Union Minister clarified that there will be no problem in Power Grid over putting Lights off for 9 minutes for the solidarity of Corona Fighters as Prime Minister urged citizens. At 9PM for 9 minutes Indian Citizens are requested to light candles/ Diyas or mobile flashlights. For nine mintues citizens are called to put lights off.

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