By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 03, 2020 09:45 IST
PM Modi Video Message Highlights- Modi asked 9 Minutes on April 5

In beginning of Video Message Prime Minister started by thanking all those who contributed in Janta Curfew and Lockdown. In Video message at 9AM PM also thanked all those was given contribution

PM Modi Video Message Highlights

All those extended warmth to health workers had become popular worldwide. That indicated Country can fight coronavirus as one 
When a people are at they feel what they can do lonely, mostly of us feeling all this. How many more days will we have to bear? PM said we are not alone, we need to asses the situation and diversity of humanity.  When country is fight this type of battle, we need to keep giving our efforts. These kind of dedication gives us strength and power.

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As scheduled Prime Minister delivered the Video Message at 9 Am. PM asked for 9 minutes at 9 PM on April 5 from citizens. Around 10 minutes long message focussed on to fill the hearts of Indian citizens toward all those who are serving the nation during Coronavirus pandemic.

We need to move forward to lightening.  For poor we need to bring them out of that tough and dark situation. We need to lighten this 
On 5 April this Sunday we need to  We need to show the power of light this day. 130 crore need to show power and strength to new hights At 9 PM we need to give Nine minutes. 

PM Modi Message  Highlights

At balcony or door after lights off we would light candle/ diya/ flashlight for nine minutes. We need not to gather together. We need to do this from our doors/ balconies . We need to keep social distancing.  This is ‘Ram Ban Ilaaj' We need to lights off on 5 April this Sunday. This will show we are not alone, we are 130 crores. Feel and think about Maa Bharati in alone. Let we come together and defeat the Coronavirus together.

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