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Indian Army Helicopter Cheetah Crashed in Yongfulla Two Pilots Died

On Friday, an Indian Army Cheetah Helicopter crashed carrying two Pilots both from India and Bhutan. Army Helicopter crashed in Bhutan which took off from Arunachal Pradesh. Among the pilots there were an Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Rank and other from Bhutanese Army died in Crash. As per sources Helicopter crashed in Yongphula in Bhutan at around 1pm Indian Standard Time (IST). The Crashed Indian Army Helicopter Cheetah was enroute to Khirmu (Arunachal Pradesh) to Yongfulla (Bhutan) and lost contact in mid.

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Army Helicopter Crashed in Yongfulla-

In crash one Indian Army LC Rank pilot and other one from Bhutanese Army trainee Pilot took off from Arunachal Pradesh. The Helicopter was bound to Bhutanese camp. Indian Army uses Cheetah helicopters in large numbers and this accident has caused sadness. The crash took place in Bhutan today 

Indian Army sources: An Indian Army Cheetah helicopter crashed in Bhutan in which both the pilots lost their lives. The Indian Army pilot who died in the crash was of Lt Col (Lieutenant colonel) rank while the other was a Bhutanese Army pilot training with the Indian Army.

— ANI (@ANI) September 27, 2019

News- Both pilots lost their lives in Indian Army Helicopter Cheetah Crash. It was enroute from Khirmu (Arunanchal) to Yongfulla (Bhutan) on duty. The 2 pilots were-an Indian Army pilot of Lieutenant colonel rank&a Bhutanese Army pilot training with Indian Army.

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