By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Aug 07, 2020 15:22 IST
Indian Railways stops fresh recruitment for Khalasi, to end Colonial-era system

Indian Railways on Friday stops fresh recruitment to the post of Khalasi/ telephone attendant cum dak Khalasis (TADKs). Railways sources on Friday confirmed the report that Indian Railways is set to end the colonial-era khalasi system and also preparing to stop future recruitments on khalasi post. Railway Boards have been informed about the halt on fresh recruitments for the post of Khalasi, a report says. After reviewing the order from Ministry of Railways, the decision is taken to stop the fresh recruitments on the khalasi or telephonic-peon post at residences of Officers. 

Earlier Indian Railways sent the proposal to end colonial-era practise of appointing khalasis or 'bungalow peons'. On Friday, RRB approved the proposal to end the colonial-era khalasi system. The khalasis were being appointed at the residences of senior officials. Following the order from the Railway Board now it has been decided to scrap all new appointment to the post, official notice reads. 

Indian Railways on Friday scrapped khalasi system, officially. This came following an order issued on August 6 in which the Railway Board has said the issue regarding telephone attendant-cum-dak khalasis (TADKs) is under review.

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What is Khalasi System?

Indian Railways on Friday decided to scrap the colonial-era 'Khalasi System' of appointing Peons who work at homes of Senior officials. Khalasi is also known as 'bungalow peons' who work at the residences of senior officials.

These Khalasi cum dak messengers are usually peons who are identified and given the responsibility of handeling files, documents across the Indian Railways' network- from Railway Board to its various departments, to its zones and divisions. Now after the order, fresh appointment of Khalasi (post in Railway Group D) is likely to be cancelled. This appointment on Khalasi post was under practice since colonial-era in Indian Railways.

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