By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 18, 2020 17:28 IST
Amazon offers Part-Time Jobs! Can earn Re 120-140 per hour joining Amazon-Flex Delivery Program

By offering part-time job opportunities, Amazon India has decided to expand its Amazon Flex delivery program to over 35 cities in country. Director level Officer of Amazon India confirms the report over expanding the program in more than 35 cities allowing individuals to work part-time by creating their own schedules under Amazon Flex Delivery Program. Launched in June 2019, Amazon India is now ready to expand its Global Delivery Program and is going to allow individuals to create their own work schedule and earn Rs 120 to Rs 140 per hour by delivering Amazon’s package, Official said.

Amazon said in a statement that the expansion of the program will help scale Amazon India’s delivery capability at a time when customers across the country continue to depend on Amazon India’s services to have their products delivered safely at their doorstep.

  • Amazon India is ready to offer part-time job opportunity under Global Delivery Program in India.
  • Amazon India expands ‘Amazon Flex’ delivery program to over 35 cities

What is Amazon Flex Global Delivery Program?

Amazon launched its Global Delivery program in June 2019 in India and now under the same program is offering part-time job opportunity in India across country. It has been decided to expand the Global Delivery Program in more than 35 cities, in different states and UTs.

On Thursday Amazon India announced to expand its Global Delivery Program. With the aim of generating huge part time work opportunities in India the decision is taken. Under the program individuals will be able to create their own work schedule and may earn Rs 120 to Rs 140 per hour ($2) by delivering packages to Amazon customers. Joining the Amazon Flex delivery program anyone employee can become their own boss. They can create their own schedules and deliver packages to Amazon customers from 120 to 140 per hour Earn RS, report said.

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part time jobs in amazon flex program

Earlier the program was limited to only 3 cities in June 2019, and now it has been decided to expand it in more than 35 cities by June 2020. This expansion has created thousands of part-time work opportunities for people in metro cities and non-metro cities such as Raipur, Hubli, Gwalior and Nashik etc, report said.

Re 120-140/ hour under Amazon Flex Program- Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile Transportation, Amazon India said in a statement that the partners of Amazon Flex enjoy the part time opportunity under which they can earn Re 120-140 per hour.

The program is being expanded at this time when the country is economically recovering from the impact of the nationwide lockdown.

Great opportunity with Part Time Work for Students, Housewives- Since its launch in June 2019, the Global Delivery program has created opportunities for students, housewives and people who want to increase their income by delivering Amazon packages working part-time accordingly to their own schedule.

Interested delivery partners can sign-up and choose their schedule and deliver packages - they can do all of this using the Amazon Flex app. Amazon is committed to the health and safety of its associates, partners. The registration can be made at website.

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