Mithun Ramesh

Actor, Producer

Born : 01 Jan 1970

Age : 0 Years

Mithun Ramesh Age

01 Jan 1970

Age ( as in 2024 ) : 0 Years


Mithun Ramesh, also known as Mithun Murali, is an Indian actor primarily working in the Malayalam film industry. He is the son of popular Malayalam actor and comedian Ramesh Pisharody. Mithun made his acting debut with the film "My Boss" in 2012, where he played a supporting role alongside actor Dileep.

Since his debut, Mithun Ramesh has appeared in several Malayalam films, mostly in supporting roles. He has worked with prominent actors and directors in the industry, showcasing his acting skills and versatility. Some of his notable films include "Kunju Daivam" (2018), "Villain" (2017), and "Acha Din" (2015).

Mithun Ramesh's performances have been appreciated for their comic timing and lively on-screen presence. He has shown his ability to bring humor and light-heartedness to his characters, inheriting the comedic talent from his father.

Apart from films, Mithun Ramesh has also made appearances on television shows and stage performances, where he continues to entertain audiences with his energetic performances.