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Aditya pratap singh raghuvanshi

Actor, Producer

Born : 27 Jun 1987

Age : 32 Years

Aditya pratap singh raghuvanshi Age

27 Jun 1987

Age ( as in 2020 ) : 32 Years

Special Appearance, Actor, Producer


Aditya pratap singh raghuvanshi was born on 27 june 1987, he is a film actor ,producer and writer who is works in Bollywood films. Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh Raghuvanshi, great grandson of Jagirdaar Raghuvansh Pratap Singh Raghuvanshi Belongs to the Pindra, barunadha Royal family. He is works began his career as an actor and producer in theater and then moved towards commercial projects & films and television. he has establish own film production company APS ENTERTAINMENT since 2011.he has produce Bollywood comedy film tittle is Pagle Aazam and also he has works as an actor in this project.

Released Movies