Netflix Stream Fest: Netflix announces free access to users, know when

Netflix Stream Fest: Netflix is organizing a stream fest in India in December which will give free access to all the users in India. Netflix is the US-based OTT platform that releases many international movies, shows, and web series of various genres. Read further to know the dates.

By Bandana Singh, Updated : Nov 20, 2020 17:04 IST
Netflix Stream Fest: Netflix announces free access to users, know when
Netflix Stream Fest

Netflix Stream Fest: The US-based OTT platform Netflix announces Netflix Stream Fest in India. All the users across India will have free access to Netflix on December 5 and 6 this year in 2020.  It is great news for all the binge-waters in India. You will have free access to Netflix where you can much as many blockbuster movies, web series, and many more for these two days. 

Netflix free weekend in India is known as Stream Fest. It will start at the midnight on Saturday, December 5 which will last till Sunday on December 6, 2020. It is the world's biggest streaming service which has been ever announced in history by any OTT platform. These 48 hours are going to be amazing for all the binge-watchers across India. 

Watch Netflix Stream Fest Ad of Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

We can see Nawazuddin Siddiqui in this Netflix advertisement where he comforts a lady while she gives birth to a baby at a hospital as the husband of the lady couldn’t be there because of Netflix Stream Fest in India. 

There would be several alarming bells where for once you will get access to one standard-definition streaming option. You can consider the Netflix Basic Plan of Rs 499. Netflix will also limit the number of free viewers which means you might receive the alarming message of Stream Fest Capacity. 

Watch Netflix Stream Fest Ad of Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam attends a PTM with a kid at his school as her mom could not make it to her school because of Netflix Stream Fest in India. 

Netflix is expanding its market in India. It has been bringing some International shows in collaboration with India by making out localised content for its audience. Last year in 2019, Netflix piloted and launched a mobile phone plan for its platform only in India which is the first for the company across India.

Watch Netflix Stream Fest Ad of Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is seen replacing a girl on her date, while the guy waits for her girlfriend to arrive. But she does not make it because of Netflix Stream Fest in India. 

Netflix offers several plans for monthly subscriptions depending on the screens and the quality you buy.  Netflix has monthly subscriptions of Rs 499, Rs 649, and Rs 799 along with 199 mobile-only packs for its users. Netflix Stream Fest 2020 is one of the biggest streaming festivals of all time. This news might be the happiest news for all the binge-watchers in India. 

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