Mirzapur Season 2: Who is Dada Tyagi? Know more about this 'Bihari Don'

Mirzapur Season 2 has shown new characters along with his two twin sons Dada Tyagi. Dada Tyagi is a known alcohol seller in Bihar. He has a very prominent character in season 2 of Mirzapur. Read to know more about his character

By Bandana Singh, Updated : Oct 28, 2020 21:51 IST
Mirzapur Season 2: Who is Dada Tyagi? Know more about this 'Bihari Don'
Dada Tyagi from Mirzapur 2

Dada Tyagi is one of the new characters from Mirzapur Season 2 which was released on 23rd October this year in 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. Though he is not seen more enough in the season still he played a prominent role in the series of Mirzapur Season 2. Veteran actor  M. M. Faruqui is playing the role of Dada Tyagi, with his two sons named Vijay Varma as twins brother named Bade as Bharat Tyagi and chhote as Shatrugan Tyagi. 

Dada Tyagi played an important role in Mirzapur 2. He is a local goon of Bihar who sells alcohol in illegal form hidden in cars engine, below the car seats, etc. His elder son was seen in the first episode with Sharad Shukla and we can see complicated things have been in the city. 

Dada Tyagi
M. M. Faruqui  and Vijay Varma 

Dada Tyagi has a unique style in this series, he makes his enemies wriggle and bend before they enter his kingdom. There is a scene in the series when Ali Fazal who is also known as Guddu Bhaiya was seen making networks with illegal workers across the city. He also contacted Dada Tyagi for illegal selling of drugs.

At the entry of his office, Guddu Bhaiya had to bend to get inside his office to make the deal but he did not go inside, he rather asked him to come out and said I would not bend in front of you and neither would I like you to bend in front of me. But the Tyagi family had a history of Drugs and because of that Dada Tyagi denied the deal with Guddu Bhaiya. 

Daddu's younger son, Chhote is also known as Shatrugan Tyagi aka Vijay Varma met Golu aka Shweta Tripathi, and fell in love with her. Golu did not show interest at first but after seeing Guddu and Shabnam together she made relations with Chhote. Shatrughan accepted the dealing of drugs for Golu without his father's or elder brother's consent. But as you say, the truth never hides, his brother and father found out and a fight happened between the brothers and Daddu. 

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Shweta Tripathi
Shweta Tripathi and Vijay Varma

During the fight, one of his sons died along with mama, what do you think who died? Is it Bade or Chhote? Story does not end here, There are so many predictions to make for season 3. Though it is not officially disclosed if season 3 is coming, I think there is a lot more story to show yet. Dada Tyagi along with his son might come to take avenge from Golu for his son's death. 

Mirzapur 2 fans cannot wait for another season. In season 2 Munna Tripathi died but with a twist, Sharad Shukla also known as Anjum Sharma saved Pankaj Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya from Golu and Guddu. What do you think is he alive?

Veteran actor M. M. Faruqui is famously known as Lilliput for his role in Vikram Betal directed by Vaibhav Mutha. 

Share your views about this season in the comments below and stay tuned to know more about the Mirzapur series including 1 and 2. 

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