Kapil Sharma-I'm Not Done Yet Review: Kapil Sharma Reveals Some Interesting Facts About His Life

Kapil Sharma has made his web debut In a Netflix show called 'Kapil Sharma- I'm Not Done Yet' after entertaining TV audiences for more than 15 years. Kapil Sharma- I'm Not Done Yet review is given below for more information.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 29, 2022 11:25 IST
Kapil Sharma-I'm Not Done Yet Review: Kapil Sharma Reveals Some Interesting Facts About His Life
image source- Netflix

Kapil Sharma, one of the most popular comedians on television, has made his Netflix web debut with 'I'm Not Done Yet.' In this show, instead of humour, Kapil Sharma has chosen teary-eyed confessions. Check out our Kapil Sharma-I'm Not Done Yet review below for more information. 

Kapil Sharma-I'm Not Done Yet Review

Kapil relates his personal and financial troubles, fight with depression and drinking, Twitter scandal, and professional failures in his first solo stand-up special in almost a decade. With the exception of a great Covid joke in the beginning, Kapil avoids that type of humour throughout.

He even sings in English at the end, stepping outside of his comfort zone. You wonder if it's an attempt to appease the English-speaking OTT crowd, who may regard themselves as elite and reject his sense of comedy. Whatever the cause, Kapil does not appear to be in his element.

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He sees the Netflix chance as more of an emotional self-help exercise that also happens to make you grin. Comedy isn't a priority here, so if you're looking for a good chuckle, watch his 'The Kapil Sharma Show' instead.

The act, which lasts about 50 minutes, reveals a side of Kapil that has yet to recover from the loss of his father and his own lost 20s. The narration is a jumble of bittersweet reminiscences. Kapil's opportunity to be a carefree boy was unfortunately cut short by the death of his loving father to cancer.

His twenties were filled with financial responsibilities, as they were for most middle-class families. You have to wonder if the comic allows himself to have fun in his late 30s. It's possible that it's an attempt to turn back the clock and enjoy life a little more now that money isn't a problem. His father didn't have much, but he was always there for his kid, and his thoughts on his father make you cry.

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While the mood is more emotional than humorous, it is never self-pitying. Life's difficulties are told in a lighthearted manner, and mental health is highlighted. Other highlights of the performance include Kapil's talk with his therapist, acceptance of despair, a drunken outburst on Twitter, and jibes at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and political bots on social media. The most interesting incident of the bunch is his recounting a disastrous performance at an IPL (Mumbai Indians) event where none of his punches worked.

Though emotionally satisfying, one expects Kapil's stand-up special to be amusing, and it falls short of expectations. Kapil, who thrives on participatory spontaneous humour, seemed to be constrained by the change in setting. Instead of being an audience member to a well-known comedian, you feel as though you have barged into a family gathering.

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