After Bombay Begums, more OTT web series likely to be banned in upcoming weeks

More web series are expected to banned by the Internet and Mobile Association of India IAMAI. Censorship rules will be tightened in regards to any obscenity, political portrayal, the wrong depiction of religious figures.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Mar 15, 2021 15:23 IST
After Bombay Begums, more OTT web series likely to be banned in upcoming weeks
Web series

According to recent reports, after the declaration of new OTT guidelines by the Internet and Mobile Association of India IAMAI, more web series are likely to be shelved as masses are becoming more and more intolerant regarding the content that has been circulating online.

One major filmmaker who has been asked to clean up his forthcoming series says, “You can’t even make a mythological which at one time was considered the safest genre. Now anyone can get up and raise an objection to anything to do with religion. So sorry, no mythological, no Ramayan no Mahabharat, no Bible or Quran either."

He also said "The role model for a safe series on the Indian digital platform is Disney products. Loads of children, harmless fun, and adventure. Even here when you have children in a series you have to make sure they behave as per the rules of decency."

"You can't show them attending rave parties or using bad language because as we all know, children don't do these things,” he ends sarcastically.

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According to recent reports, Filmmakers with political scripts have been given two options: change the name of the country or make something else. As for religion, you can’t show any pictures of Gods or Goddesses in any frame lest someone objects to the unacceptable placing of a photo of a deity or even the exclamation, ‘Oh God’ could be damaging to a series, as you can’t take God’s name in vain.

Recently The apex child rights body NCPCR had asked popular streaming platform Netflix to stop streaming the recently released web series Bombay Begums citing an ‘inappropriate’ portrayal of children in the series. Minor children were portrayed as drug-abusers and were seen performing obscene gestures in the series.

Recently , a lot of criticism has been received by shows like Leila, Ghoul, and Tandav for showing fictional content that is far from reality, however certain groups have condemned these shows for promoting pseudo-leftist radical Islamic agent.

The allegations might be true , however, makers have clearly stated that everything that has been depicted in the show is purely a work of fiction and hence should not be taken seriously.

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