Rajkumar Thakuria

Actor, Producer


Rajkumar Thakuria is a popular Actor. Latest movie in which Rajkumar Thakuria. He has acted is Aahi Ase. Rajkumar born in Mirza, Kamrup, India. From very early age he aspired to be a actor. He studied in a primary school in Mirza and later enrolled in Pandu college, Guwahati. He worked in Central Bank of India for several years before opting for voluntary retirement. After that he involved fulltime in his acting and singing career. He directed several short films including Criminal hunter, Terrorist enter my house etc.

Rajkumar Thakuria  is perfect guy, he is all rounder in the field of Singer, Lyricist, Actor, Composer, Dancing etc. He is a Good looks with Charms, Style and class. He is also as Mr.James

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