Wild Dog Review: doesn't justify the hype, but watchable thriller

Wild Dog is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language action thriller film written and directed by debutant Ashishor Solomon. Given below is Wild Dog Review. Wild Dog movie is based on the 2007 Gokul Chat bomb blast and other related incidents.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Apr 02, 2021 11:40 IST
Wild Dog Review: doesn't justify the hype, but watchable thriller
Wild Dog Review

Wild Dog revolves around the evident occurrences that shook portions of Pune and Hyderabad in mid-2000. How a group headed by NIA specialist Vijay Varma (Nagarjuna) hunts down the perpetrator of terror activities is what the movie is all about.

Here is our Wild Dog review that focuses on the key aspects of the movie. Wild dog review will include key parameters on which the movie will be judged by the reader. Wild Dog review key parameters are- Performances; Direction; Music & other departments; Conclusion.

Wild Dog Review-

Performances: Veteran Akkineni Nagarjuna is back with another adaptable decision in regards to the character. He plays an NIA specialist in Wild Dog. The look and plan of the job are endlessly not quite the same as anything we have seen the star do. Notwithstanding, the mentality stays as before. The hostility has dialed a step above than expected however in a metropolitan manner. 

The silver hair, clean-cut look with a touch of the scar on the face gives a crude and genuine appeal to Akkineni Nagarjuna. The star, notwithstanding, rules the procedures in an unexpected path in comparison to the standard protocols.

Wild dog Star Cast
Wild Dog Star Cast

Wild Dog isn't about the legend-courageous woman from a commonplace perspective. Dia Mirza plays the spouse's job to the lead, however, she has insignificant scenes and presence. Saiyami Kher is better in such a manner. She shows up in the subsequent half yet has some kick-ass minutes. Notwithstanding, it is likewise consigned to the rearward sitting arrangement, alter. 

Aside from Nagarjuna and Saiyami Kher, the lone another entertainer who gets a respectable character sketch is Atul Kulkarni. He is satisfactory not surprisingly. The remainder of the parts are occupied by generally obscure appearances. They fit the job, and that is it about them.

Direction: Ashishor Solomon debut as a Director with Wild Dog. Directly from the title's naming to the real substance, we see an alternate way to deal with evading the commonplace commercial prosaisms. Nonetheless, Wild Dog isn't without them and accompanies its arrangement of issues for the genre it picks.

Wild Dog has a place with the spy thriller genre, where the attention is on the extraction of the criminal after an act of terror has taken place. It isn't tied in with impeding the plans of insidious genius. One needs to see Wild Dog considering this essential thing. 

The director burns through no time arriving at the point. Not long after the launch of the film, we get into the main part of things. There is no space for feelings here. They are only a blip in the story where the attention is more on the mission. 

Vijay Varma is welcomed on board to lead an outlandish mission to get the fear-mongering terrorist who is liable for the blasts. Wild Dog can be separated into a couple of sections. This simple division is an issue and has a huge part in giving the film an equation-based inclination. The various squares are amassing the group, finding the individual behind the terrorist acts, and lastly getting him back. 

Wild dog direction
Wild dog direction 

The main portion of Wild Dog is tied in with focusing in on the terrorist behind the assaults. The story includes all the banalities related to the genre to arrive at the point. The beneficial thing here is that there is no deviation, and the director approaches his direction, not amping up the commercial perspectives. Notwithstanding, the absence of group building and small time show like advancement of the story doesn't allow the content to transcend the consistency. 

The subsequent half is better in the examination, yet it is so because of the circumstances that the group finds in. There is a ton of extension to give thrills. However, the two key squares (MP house scene and brushing activity in the woodland) are again executed straight without giving the thrilling experience. 

One of the essential explanations behind the same is having seen a lot of substance in a comparative space where there is better work. It can't be overlooked in light of the fact that the intended interest group is a similar set.

Only endeavoring something other than what's expected or something that isn't done before for an audience isn't sufficient; it must be the best contribution too. The climax is fine. There is an endeavor to give a bend, however, it doesn't come out with the bang one anticipates that it should have. This concludes our explanation of the performance parameter of the Wild Dog review.

Music & Other Departments: The music of the movie doesn't hold a significant place in our Wild Dog review. There are no songs in the movie. The whole film runs on the background score. S Thaman has made a nice showing here, particularly with regards to action scenes. The cinematography by Shaneil Deo is slick. It gives a novel surface to the movie. The altering is okay. The composing is powerless and one of the critical purposes behind the level inclination. 

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Conclusion: Generally speaking at the of Wild Dog review, We can say that Wild Dog is an earnest endeavor adhering to every one of the standards in the book for the genre. Notwithstanding, the level execution without numerous rushes hampers the satisfaction. To the individuals who love the genre, Wild Dog offers the same old thing. In any case, on the off chance that you haven't seen much in this space, it very well may be a watchable fare.

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