Ravi Teja reveals dashing first look of his upcoming movie 'Khiladi'

Ravi Teja reveals dashing first loos poster of his upcoming movie 'Khiladi' which is directed by Ramesh Varma. The film is an action thriller, and the actor is excited about his new journey.

By Bandana Singh, Updated : Oct 18, 2020 12:33 IST
Ravi Teja reveals dashing first look of his upcoming movie 'Khiladi'
Image Source: Gulte

Ravi Teja reveals the first look of his upcoming movie 'Khiladi' which is directed by Ramesha Varma. The actor has left his fans surprised and excited by announcing his new movie. The film is already trending on Twitter after watching the first look poster of Ravi Teja. 

The makers of the film 'Khiladi' took it to their Instagram to announce the film and first look poster of the leading actor Ravi Teja. The movie is produced by  Satyanarayana Konery and Pen Studios whereas the music will be produced by Devi Sri Prasad. 

Ravi took his to the Twitter account handle and said, "Unveiling the first look of #KHILADI. All set for another exciting journey!"

The first look of the poster represents Ravi Teja wearing a full-sleeved black T-Shirt along with black jeans with reflective sunglasses, an oxblood belt, and matching shoes. The look is representing the word Khiladi and play smart is the tag line of the movie. 

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The movie is said to be an action drama and the poster also shows the celebrating mode of Ravi Teja in which lots of money can be seen flying in the air.

As per the reports, Ravi is going to be seen doing a double role in it in which he will be romancing with two main lead actress Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayathi.

A few days earlier, Ravi Teja resumed the shooting of his upcoming movie 'Krack'. Shruti Hasan is playing the lead character and the film is directed by Gopichand Mallineni. 

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