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      RANGASTHALAM can be described in two words: revenge and defiance. Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) is a partially deaf,
      easy going man who doesn?t let his disability deter him. His brother Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty) returns from Dubai
      only to see that nothing in the village has changed. What happens when he decides to go up against the frightful President garu (Jagapathi           Babu).

      A man with a God complex ( Jagpathi Babu), addressed only as president by people, rules a small village, Rangasthalam, in the 1980s             Andhra Pradesh.
      The people of the village are uneducated and completely under the thumb of president and his force. Caught in the vicious cycle of poverty and high rate of
      interest charged by minions of the president, the villagers are waiting to be liberated. This, as Sukumar?s film tells us soon enough, will be done by two
      brothers Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) and Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty).
      The movie shows how lack of education leaves villagers open to exploitation, how president?s men take advantage of simple village folk to charge high
      interest rates and how any voice that is raised in opposition is silenced without mercy. Rangasthalam keeps it to the formula and the clich?d good
      vs evil story.
      Kumar Babu, who has returned from Dubai, cannot stand what is happening to his village and hence stands up to the president and files nomination for the
      upcoming election. He has the support of his brother Chitti, giving him strength to do what others have not attempted so far. But going against the grain,
      Chitti is worried about his brother, in fact scared enough to doubt everyone. Usually, the lead hero, in this case Ram Charan, is the one who leads such fights.
      They are fearless and go against anyone who stands in their way. In Rangasthalam, however, we have Ram Charan stand arm-in-arm with onscreen brother Aadhi but at
      the same time fearful of his safety. This equation adds a refreshing twist to the character of the hero.
Things to watch out for:     

Ram Charan  delivering what probably is his best performance till date.Be it in the scenes where he oozes childishness or the ones when you see a broken man
      that no one can heal, you can see it all in the way his eyes express.Samantha is also good in her role as the rustic Rama Lakshmi, who is Chitti Babu?s female counterpart,
      the one he needs and deserves.Aadhi Pinisetty also delivers a stupendous performance as the idealist who believes it will definitely be him who will be able to bring about
      change. Also, the retro ?record dance? style number ?Jigelu Rani? ft. Pooja Hegde is a delight to watch on the large screen.

Final Verdict:

      A couple of questions remains unanswered in the story. But, it just a tiny glitch in this well-crafted picture.The twist in the final act is a welcome one.
      After all, no one wants to watch a three-hour long film that?s utterly predictable. Go especially for Ram Charan and his extraordinary performance, Sukumar?s
      direction, Rathnavelu?s cinematography and DSP?s background score.

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