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Palasa 1978 Movie Review: Rakshith's Telugu film is all about to action crime

Movie Review: Palasa 1978
Director: Karuna Kumar
Star Cast: Rakshith and Nakshatra
Language: Telugu
Palasa 1978 Movie Rating: 3 / 5

Palasa 1978 Movie Review

Palasa 1978 is a Telugu movie, in a realistic action thriller category. The film will be directed by Karuna Kumar and starring Rakshith and Nakshatra are playing in the main lead roles while Vijay Ram, Thiruveer, Laxman Meesala, Prawin Yendamuri, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Mirchi Madhavi, Thanmai Bolt, Shanmuk, Raghu Kunche scored music and actor. Palasa 1978 movie review & rating brought to our visitor. An action Crime film is produced by Atluri Varaprasad, the film will hit the box office this Friday 6th March.

The 1978 backdrop, the cinema-driven story, the politics of politics, the two brothers who fought the big race, the naturalist-like characters, all too often, the classic hit of the late-night industry hit the scene. Palasa area As shown in. Being from there, he showed a lot of nativity in the nativity.

palasa 1978

Action crime Palasa 1978 Telugu film is Set in a small industrial town named Palasa, the story revolves around Mohan Rao, an artistic young man from a Dalit family who realizes that his talent will never be rewarded and he can only move forward through physical might. Inspired by a henchman from his community who went on to attain power in the area, Mohan resorts to violence - a decision that influences his life`s fate.

Palasa 1978 Movie Review & Rating

Director Karuna Kumar is making his debut with this film, and its releasing worldwide tomorrow on big screens. Starring Rakshith, Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche in lead roles, the film charts the incidents that took place in Palasa during that period. The film has been receiving nothing but applauds right from its first look and has many expecting the film’s release. Rustic, intense and rough-hewn talent are the words to explain the posters of upcoming period drama Palasa 1978. But it's quite a social message as described by director Karuna Kumar.

palasa 1978

Palasa 1978 may be a story of that sort which paints a grim picture of reality while describing social milieu back within the days of the ’80s. Since I grew in my hometown Palasa, all those vivid images of the feudal and societal structure have been incorporated in it just to make the narrative interesting. The movie is not about violence, of course, but it tells a compelling story of that situation which had happened some time ago in a nondescript village. The theme is universal. Those were the times when villages were self-reliant, self-sufficient and people used to lead a contentful life. A folk singer, who used to lead a happy life in his prime, is now begging for alms in Amadalavalasa bound train in north-east Andhra region, says director Kumar who had made several independent short films.

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