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     Sagar(Sree Vishnu) is a very normal and a middle-class guy who has no interest in his studies at all. His father (Devi Prasad)
       is a school teacher and always harass him to settle down in life. But Sagar clearly
       knows his capabilities and wants to discontinue his studies. Rest of the story is 
       as to how Sagar convinces his dad and ends up doing what he likes. However, Sagar experiences a series of changes when he meets
       a disciplined driven and aspiring girl Dharmika, who motivates him to become a responsible person.

      Rudraraj Sagar (Sree Vishnu)  who is the son of a highly respected teacher (Devi Prasad), lives life by principles.He fails in his exams
      three times in a row,and does something foolish that
      tarnishes his father’s reputation. He decides to redeem himself in his father’s eyes and seeks the help of the studious Dharmika
     (Satna Titus), who introduces him to the motivational works of a speaker (Posani Krishna Murali). But what happens when, despite his best
      attempts, Sagar fails.
      The film revolves around the society that in our country getting good grades and settling in a high-pressure, high-paying job are more
      important than happiness. And when someone fails to fall in line with this carefully-constructed system, you loose. Sagar represents
      every person who’s neither studious nor creative, neither ambitious nor exceptional, and yet aims to lead a happy life doing something that he is capable of.

      Sree Vishnu delivers a marvellous performance, striving, for his father’s love while refusing
      to turn into an emotionless robot and supress himself to lead a life deemed good by others. He plays his character with ease, both when mouthing
      genuinely humorous one-liners and when pulling his hair out in frustration.

     Things to watch out for:
      Satna Titus, playing a catalyst to the tale by helping Sagar understand the chaos that surrounds him.
      Devi Prasad as the relentless and ever-chiding father and Posani Krishna Murali as the slimy motivational speaker, breathe life into their roles.
     Final verdict:
     Needi Nadi Oke Katha is an emotional family drama which every student and parent can relate to. The burning problem of how the parents
    pressurize their kids to settle down in life has been showcased in a very realistic manner. Sree Vishnu’s moving performance and the realistic setting
    in the film will be liked by the family audience.The debutant director Venu Udugula has managed to put together a film that stands out from the rest, so kudos to that.
    If you ignore the slow pace and predictable storyline, this film ends up as an interesting watch this weekend.

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