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George Reddy Box Office Collection Day 3: Sandeep Madhav Movie is on Tremendous Surge

George Reddy Box Office Collection Day 3: Released on Friday (22nd), the Biography of Osmania student leader George Reddy. Average Talk was brought to the premiere of the release day. Fustaf is fine. Secondap look good and many have broken the lip. This is how Weekend Collection has evolved. Whether or not George Reddy can make a return on investment is a widley debated issue.

This Friday George Reddy is released and doing great business at the box office. This movie concept interesting and everything is so perfect in the movie. We are so sure that the critics will share the positive reviews for the movie.

George Reddy Box Office Collection Day 3

George Reddy, is based on the life of the student leader George Reddy, who was also a boxer and Gold medalist, and as per the various media reports he was also responsible for influenced the politics of Telangana region in Osmania University between 1967 and 1972. You all should know that it is an interesting movie to watch out at the box office. The movie is released with the good occupancy at the box office and it has made around 2.50 Cr on it's opening day. Also, the movie has made around 2.80 Cr after the second day of it's release.  George Reddy earn on it's  first Weekend around Rs 5.00 crore.

George Reddy Box Office Collection

The movie George Reddy is Starring by Telugu actor Sandeep Madhav in the lead role and he is also just doing justice to the lead role alongside he was just also got into the skin of the character. After 47 long years, a movie on the life of the revolutionary student leader will finally hit the screens on November 22. Directed by Jeevan Reddy, the movie has actor Sandeep Madhav playing the role of George Reddy.

George Reddy Review: There is no dearth of 'goosebumps' moments in Jeevan Reddy's biopic of erstwhile student union leader George Reddy. With nothing out of place or blown out of proportion, Jeevan stays faithful to the incidents that rocked Andhra Pradesh's politics within the 60s and 70s. At no purpose will he attempt to build the character appear epic and keeps things real, making George Reddy a gripping watch.

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