By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 01, 2020 08:56 IST
Congress MLA says Alcohol may kill Corona in throat, writes letter to CM for opening Liquor Shops

Bharat Singh Kundanpur, Congress MLA from Sangod has written to Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot for opening liquor shops in the state. The letter reads, when Coronavirus can be removed by washing hands with alcohol, then drinking alcohol will surely remove virus from the throat, said Congress MLA. Written on April 30, the letter written cited the revenue deficit to state government and also hinted illegal production of liquor in state. The MLA urged Chief Minister Gahlot to open liquor shops and mentioned that Alcohol may kill Corona in throat, if it can be removed by washing hands. MLA Bharat Singh requested Rajasthan Govt to allow Liquor shops even amid lockdown as State Government recently hinted to increase excise on Alcohol.

The letter came into limelight on Friday, when ANI report brought into highlight the copy of Congress MLA’s letter to CM Gahlot.
Alcohol may kill Corona in Throat Congress MLA.

Congress MLA says Alcohol may kill Corona in Throat

A letter on Thursday written to Rajasthan State Chief Minister from Congress MLA to allow Liquor shops function in Rajasthan State. Congress MLA cited the reference of using alcohol based sanitizer to kill Corona from hands, in same direction MLA Kundanpur satirized that drinking alcohol may kill Coronavirus from throat. Govt should permit Liquor shops in Rajasthan State as to meet revenue target it set before lockdown & as an experiment, letter stated.

The unique citation of Alcohol drinking to kill Coronavirus is not for the first time, before this several other from public domain have hinted to use Alcohol for Coronavirus, however no study or trial has recommended Alcohol to drink in fight against Coronavirus.

Congress MLA says Alcohol may kill Corona in Throat

Congress MLA also cited the two examples of illegal production and hazardous results of Alcohol production by Mafiyas. In his letter to Rajasthan CM Ashok Singh Gahlot, Congress MLA cited-

1)     Two people in Halaina (Bharatpur) died after chest pain and blindness after they drunk hathkad Liquor. (30/04/2020)
2)     Increase in excise duty by Government to overcome deficit (30/4/2020)

However, from CMO Rajasthan or any Government official have not replied to the letter. As per MOHFW report till April 30, In Rajasthan more than 2500 people have been found Coronavirus positive, 836 people have been cured and 58 patients have lost their lives.

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