By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 18, 2020 12:33 IST
LPU University issued show-cause notice for violating Lockdown norms, 7 days given to Answer

Punjab Department of Higher Education Punjab has issued a show –cause notice to lovely professional university (LPU), Jalandhar  for violating  govt. orders and putting 3200 people life in danger by not shutting the campus activity completely.
LPU has violated lockdown instructions of govt. of India under Epidemic Act. And Section 144 of CrPc as per these laws govt. have ordered to close all educational institute across India till the situation become normal and mass gathering was not allowed because of the rapid spread of corona virus.

Also, honorable minister Higher Education Punjab had ordered suspension of all teaching work in all institution of state of Punjab on 13.03.2020 even department had also instructed private institutions to suspend teaching work on the same date.

LPU University issued show-cause notice

Govt. of India and states are considering Covid-19 under Disaster Management Act.2005 and Epidemic Act.1897 and Medical Emergency has been widely announced due to that people were advised to stay home and maintain social distancing. In spite of these instruction LPU has ignored the complexity of situation and jeopardizing 3200 people and thousand others life on risk, which can lead to spread of the disease.

LPU has to answer the govt. as in notice govt. asked that why they did not shutdown the campus completely as there was sufficient time to send all the students to their respective homes from 13.03.2020 to 22.03.2020 but for no reasons they continue to function the university and hostel without making any efforts to send them to their homes. Govt. in the notice also mentioned that LPU might argue that movement of student is not possible in light of the lockdown but prior notice was given to them when there was no case reported because govt. has given them prior notice it clearly seems that they have overruled the regulations of covid-19. World is battling with deadly virus and the only remedy is complete isolation and the importance of isolation has been emphasized by Hon Prime Minister and Chief Minister of the state.

LPU University violated Lockdown norms

In the notice it has clearly mentioned that this is a very serious issue of all national concern and strict action under National Security Act. can be penalized upon LPU, for violating  govt. instructions and putting at stake the security of society as a whole.
As govt. has also said that corona positive case was found in LPU University and was not handled correctly.

lpu University issued show cause notice

It has come to light that LPU University authorities did not co-operate with district administration and health department to send the patient to hospital, this behavior is extremely callous, irresponsible and unbearable. Govt. asked LPU to explain within 7 days that why NOC issued to the university should be withdrawn and putting many lives in danger.

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