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Venkat Bharadwaj

Actor, Producer

Venkat Bharadwaj Age

Special Appearance, Actor, Producer


Venkat Bharadwaj is an Indian film Director, Writer, Actor, who has worked predominantly in the Kannada movie industry. Venkat Bharadwaj has worked in popular movies like Unarvu , Kempirve . Venkat Bharadwaj's previous film to hit the theatres was Unarvu in the year 2019, he basically is known for A Day in the City (2014), Kempirve (2017) and now he directing his upcoming movie Omelette (2020). Omelette movie starring Samyuktha Hornadu, Shinav, Shobraj, Sharmitha Gowda, Niranjan Deshpande and himself. 

Venkat Bharadwaj Filmography 

Venkat Bharadwaj work as Director 

  • 2020 Omelette (completed) 
  • 2017 Kempirve 
  • 2014 A Day in the City 

Venkat Bharadwaj work as Actor

  • 2020 Omelette (completed) (Nanjunda)
  • 2019 Alidu Ulidavaru 

Venkat Bharadwaj work as Writer  

  • 2014 A Day in the City     

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