By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 10:49 IST
V1 Murder Case Box Office Collection Day 1: Real time Storyline, Murder Mystery added Brilliant Start

Ram Arun Castro starrer V1 Murder Case Tamil movie added satisfactory amount to its Box Office collection on Day 1. Ram Arun and Vishnupriya Pillaiin’ dramatic crime based movie opened with warmth on day 1 as movie praised by fans- See Latest reported.  V1 Murder Case is full dramatic, crime and thriller based movie directed by Pavel Navageethan. Released on 27 December 2019, Tamil movie keeping strong story line added multiple lacs on opening Day.

V1 Murder Case Movie Box Office Collection Day 1 collection remained as per predictions as movie likely to nearing a crore movie. As per See latest reviews and rating Tamil V1 Murder Case Movie, Pavel Navageethan’s movie gets 2.5 ratings out of 5 in reviews.

V1 Murder Case Box Office Collection Day 1

V1 Murder Case movie starred by Tamil actor Ram Arun Castro and Vishnupriya Pillai along with other casts including Gayathri, Lijeesh and Mine Gopi who assembles audiences and filled their hearts with brilliant performance. Fans have assembled in saying ‘after a long time, a background score has been given so wisely and successfully to a film’.

v1 murder case box office collection

V1 Murder Case Day 1 Collection influenced on movie Reviews as most notable background highlighted. Movie scored top-front, and its storyline is really taken from real life event and Murder.

Tamil star introduced as protagonist in V1 Murder Case movie directed by Pavel Navageethan explores the caste discrimination as prominent theme. Manifested brilliantly, V1 Murder Case engaged with aggregate puzzled and knot was opened with a positive message on day 1. Movie shall likely perform similar on Day 2 & Day 3 and will likely to be multiple crore grossing movie of week in tamil cinema.

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