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Pancharaaksharam Review: All About Tamil Supernatural Advanture & Thriler Film

Pancharaaksharam is a Tamil Indian psychological supernatural adventure thriller film. Pancharaaksharam Review, Movie written and directed by Balaji Vairamuthu and film starring by Santhosh Prathap, Madhu Shalini, Sana Althaf, Ashwin Jerome, Gokul, Seeman, Jeeva Ravi, Raja. The film releases Tomorrow. Read Pancharaaksharam Movie Review.

Pancharaaksharam Movie Review

Pancharaaksharam Review

Genre: Drama

Director: Balaji Vairamuthu

Producer: Venkatesh Velineni

Star Cast: Gokul Anand, Madhu Shalini, Sana Althaf, Santhosh Prathap

Time Covere: 2 hrs 31 mins

Language: Tamil

Release Date: 27th December 2019

Certified: U

See Latest Review & Rating: 2/5

Pancharaaksharam Review & Rating:

Pancharaaksharam Review

Pancharaaksharam Movie Director by debutant Filmmaker Balaji Vairamuthu. The meaning of Pancharaaksharam refers to the five-syllable word ‘Namah Shivaya’. the movie is based on a belief that changing our thought process will change our life. Actor Gokul Anand A musician, a writer, a humanitarian, a racer and an explorer, all happen to cross paths and meet each other. As forces drive them together, they become friends and spontaneously plan a trip, during which they begin to play a game. What starts as a practical joke soon turns into something much more real as they must face the shades of their past and also their worst nightmares.

The film, true to its name, and film has five leads  Santhosh Prathap, Madhu Shalini, Sana Althaf, Ashwin Jerome, and Gokul Anand  and each of them represents one of the five elements, the director explains. For example, Santhosh is a traveller in the film, so he represents the sky. He’s a free spirit, Ashwin, who plays a racer in the film, is a friend of mine. He has been part of the film ever since its conception. we spotted Gokul in the viral Vadi Vadi track from Chennai 2 Singapore. He plays a musician in the film and it was only after signing him that we found out he knows how to play the guitar. Similarly, each of the other characters has the characteristics of the associated element, says Balaji, who is quick to add that the film is not just that.

Pancharaaksharam Review

When they read the book, it changes their lives. Are these changes supernatural or does it have anything to do with their thoughts, is the core idea of the film. Did the events happen because they read the book or would it have happened if they had not read it too. Pancharaaksharam answers that question in an adventurous manner with a narrative that contains supernatural elements and psychological reasoning. Sana Althaf fit the bill perfectly. for as a female lead, She has also done a good job. The women are actually the backbone of this script. After Seen the trailer, it is apparent that the film has been shot in various locations. Balaji says they filmed in over 70 locations.

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