By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 11, 2020 18:00 IST
Pakistan PAF F-16 Missing: Trolls hint IAF could have shot down another Jet after Balakot

Unofficial reports claim that a Pakistani Air Force F-16 is missing and could have shot down by IAF. In some reports it is intimated that PAD also could have shot down its own jet in friendly fire. On social media trolls have started trolling over missing Pakistan Air Force F16. Accoring to social media virals a Pakistan F-16 fighter jet is missing since Tuesday night and search operation has been launched after Jet did not return to base. A user wrote that after Balakot Air Strike, Indian Air Force could have brought down the F-16 again, report had no confirmation.

A PAF F-16 is reported missing since Tuesday night which scrambled for recon operation, reports claimed. It is also being speculated that Pakistani F-16 could have been short down by friendly fire by Pakistani Air Defence (Pak AD).

Earlier from unofficial sources it was highlighted that Indian Army conducted the anti-terrorist operation by firing long range munition targeting launch pads in PoK. In another unofficial report it was claimed that Pakistani Air Defence shot its own F-16 mistakenly when a formation of IAF jets flew near Karachi last night.

Pak F-16 Missing since last night

According to a user it came to highlight that one F-16 has not reported back to its Masroor Pakistani Air base. The jet was sent on CAP mission after IAF jets seen in formation near border. According to report, multiple Pakistani sources reported the incident of missing F16 but none of them brought evidences and are still unconfirmed report, another user writes.

On Social Media a user wrote “Reports of one F16 being shot down by IAF (highly likely) last night in a rare recon operation near Karachi”, leaked.

Also there are speculation about friendly fire by Pak AD (also possible) behind the missing of fighter. Massive search operation is ongoing by Pakistan and China over Arabian-Sea.

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