Naane Varuvean Review: A Lackluster Second Half Detracts From The Dark thrilling Tone Of The Movie

The plot of the film centers on a father's struggle to free his daughter from a demonic trance. Naane Varuvean features Dhanush as the main lead. Here's our Naane Varuvean review for you.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Sep 30, 2022 18:25 IST
Naane Varuvean Review: A Lackluster Second Half Detracts From The Dark thrilling Tone Of The Movie
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The main character of the film is a father who discovers that his teenage daughter is possessed. He realizes that the only way to save her is to comply with the ghost's instructions, which would put him in contact with his estranged twin, a psycho killer. Here's our Naane Varuvean review for you. 

Naane Varuvean Review

The prologue of Naane Varuvean features twin brothers Kathir and Prabhu, one of whom appears to be mentally ill. The situation is made worse by abusive parents and a run-in with a psychotic abductor. Selvaraghavan seems to be paying homage to Kamal Haasan's Aalavandhan at this point. But after that, James Wan pays homage to William Friedkin's The Exorcist for the remainder of the first half.

We are introduced to Prabhu and his family, which includes his wife Bhuvana (Indhuja) and daughter Sathya. Prabhu is played by Dhanush, who somehow manages to disguise his star persona and comes across as a normal family man (Hiya Davey). Everything appears to be going well, and Yogi Babu's character Guna, Prabhu's coworker, even admits that he is envious of Prabhu's lifestyle.

Then, though, things turn spooky. As the girl informs him, Sathya is chatting to a supernatural person when Prabhu finds her in the middle of the night. He is unsure if Sathya is nuts or if this is the case.

These scenes are directed by Selvaraghavan in a minimalistic manner, which is a stark contrast to the work he did for his previous movie, Nenjam Marappathillai. The few supporting characters, moody lighting, and spooky music by Yuvan Shankar Raja all contribute to the film's pervasive sense of unease. When things start to get serious, the filmmaking picks up, and by the time the intermission rolls around, the filmmaker has us on the edge of our seats.

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But just as we anticipate such scenes in the second half, especially with Kathir's anticipated reappearance (Dhanush, who plays this cold-blooded killer with glee), the movie starts to lose its grip. We are suddenly taken away from the Selvaraghavan universe and into the realm of the typical serial killer.

And things happen in a very convenient way, giving us a very little surprise. We get something pretty mild and tepid instead of the wildness of Aalavandhan and the thrills of a horror movie. Even the supporting cast scarcely contributes anything outside of their necessary duties. We receive a fairly drawn-out flashback featuring Kathir, his speech-impaired wife Madhuri (Elli AvrRam), and his twin sons, as well as the exaltation of an unsavory figure and a disappointing, unresolved climax.

Final Rating- 5/10

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