Mister Mummy Review: Not Up To The Mark, Unbearable to Watch

Riteish and Genelia have chosen an outdated product, confused about whether it's educating or just exists in the movie. Whether you should watch it or not, get a Mister Mummy review from our site.

By Puja Roy, Updated : Nov 18, 2022 18:37 IST
Mister Mummy Review: Not Up To The Mark, Unbearable to Watch
Mister Mummy review

Mister Mummy Review 

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza have done a few good movies in the past, then Genelia has stopped working in the movies since she got married to take care of her children. Their previous movie Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya 2012 starring this cute couple has done a great job and after a long gap, she is featured in Mister Mummy, 2022.  

Let's get into an in-depth Mister Mummy review to know it better. 

Mister Mummy Story 

Dr. Satsanghi played by Mahesh Manjrekar is visited by a guy (Riteish Deshmukh) who has all the similar pregnancy symptoms which are normally experienced by a pregnant woman, after various tests are conducted, the doctor confirms that he is pregnant. 

 The hustle and bustle going around, has completely changed the life of that guy, termed it to be a medical miracle and everybody is keener to know about the Man who is pregnant.

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Mister Mummy Movie Review 

As per the Mister Mummy Movie review, the film cannot find redemption as it doesn't even try to do so. Riteish and Genelia signed for an outdated product, made confused about whether it wants to educate, entertain or just exist in the movie. The worst thing about this movie is Shaad Ali goes back in time and he actually forgot what product he is making; the treatment is so dated that triggers nothing.  

The poster and trailer of the movie seemed to be an entertainment package with a unique concept, but watching this, it actually does not meet the expectations of the audience. Though the director and writer have tried to make a novel concept with a point of a man getting pregnant but made it so tiresome to even watch it in the theatres. 

Cast and Roles 

The screen presence of Genelia D’Souza is adorable, she looks cute whenever she makes her screen appearance. However, the whole movie cannot be dependent on that one good aspect of the actress. 

If considering the act time of Riteish, is the showrunner of the film who involved his way of putting effort into comedies and good acting. Riteish is famous for his comic acting, therefore, comedy movies like this are like a cakewalk to play the character.  

While Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of a doctor which gives the ultimate fun aspect to watch and did his part of the job decently. 

Final Verdict 

Mister Mummy is for those who are hardcore fans of Riteish and Genelia, who loves to see them as cute couple on-screen and off-screen. There is nothing new in the movie so we cannot say it is a worthful watchable movie. We have already seen these stories where an angry wife finally comes to her husband and has an emotional scene with a good ending. 

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