Mirzapur Recap: Know all about Mirzapur 1 ahead of Mirzapur Season 2

Mirzapur season 1 recap is all about criminals and mobsters to claim power and to continue the legacy of Tripathi's over the city of Mirzapur.

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Mirzapur Recap: Know all about Mirzapur 1 ahead of Mirzapur Season 2
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In the recap of Mirzapur season 1, It is a journey of two brothers with the aim of power over Mirzapur. Akhandanan Tripathi also known as Kalin Bhaiya was the carpet shipper and mafia don of Mirzapur. A horrific incident takes place in Mirzapur at the wedding which lights the clash between two families. Munna shoots a groom at the wedding which increases the complications in the city.

Guddu and Bablu are offered to make a life-changing decision. Akhandanan Tripathi offers the brothers to work for them. Munna gives a thought to join Tripathi whereas Bablu hesitates a bit. Munna gets knowledge of loyalty. Guddu and Bablu join Tripathi and a new history of Mirzapur begins.

In the sequence of flashback rivalry between Akhandanan Tripathi and Rati Shankar is shown. Rati Shankar used to work with Tripathi and he was one of the most loyal members. It continues the storyline of Mirzapur to the next level and rivalry continues between the two parties. Rati Shankar looks to take revenge from Tripathi to hold the power of Mirzapur.

Akhandanan Tripathi tests the loyalty of Guddu and Bablu by giving them a task to deliver carpets and to take care of a dead body. A police officer stops them during the delivery and Bablu takes care of it by hiding the body in the carpets. Sweety is the daughter of a corrupt cop who works for Pankaj Tripathi. Munna is in love with Sweety whereas Sweety loves Guddu. It emerges the complications between Guddu and Munna.

Akhandanan Tripathi asks for suggestions from Bablu and Guddu on the trading of guns. Guddu and Bablu formulate a new plan to increase the trade of guns in the city. They make a plan with cops and criminals for cooperation. A meeting of mafias organized at the Holi party leads to clashes between the parties which threatens to alter the power of Mirzapur. Guddu and Bablu get involved in their own private and professional life as gangsters in search of power over Mirzapur. Guddu has always been fond of bodybuilding and to win Mr. Purvanchal. Munna and his friend compounder offer some medicines to Guddu to feel energetic and to build the body to win Mr. Purvanchal. As Sweety marries Guddu, clashes between them reach new heights.

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Golu wins the election and the entire family gets on the road to attend a wedding whereas the generations of Tripathi show who they really are and what power they hold. Munna kills Bablu and Sweety in front of Golu and Guddu. In conclusion, the first season ended here.

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