Mimi Review: Kriti Sanon Overshadows The Excellence Of Pankaj Tripathi

Mimi Review- Kriti Sanon & Pankaj Tripathi fronted comedy-drams movie 'Mimi' is now available for streaming on Netflix. Check our full in-depth Mimi movie review to know more about the film. Here is our Mimi review.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jul 27, 2021 13:11 IST
Mimi Review: Kriti Sanon Overshadows The Excellence Of Pankaj Tripathi
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Directed by Laxman Utekar, the film is based on surrogacy. You will get a lot of laughter in the film, but along with it you will also get to see the pain of a mother's pain. Let us know how is the film, Mimi. Check the full Mimi movie review below. 

Mimi Review: Story

The story of the film begins with a foreign couple talking to a person who says that he has got a surrogate mother for their child, the couple says that they want a young girl. Bhanupratap Pandey (Pankaj Tripathi) enters the scene, who is a taxi driver. The couple tells Bhanu that they want a girl for their child. Then the couple and Bhanu go to a hotel where their eyes fall on the dancer Mimi. The foreign couple chooses Mimi for surrogacy and says that they will give 20 lakh rupees for it.

image source- Netflix
image source- Netflix

When Bhanu lures Mimi with money, Mimi agrees. Actually, Mimi's dream is to go to Mumbai to become an actress, she says yes to becoming a mother for money. In the meantime, a lot of things happen together. But one day suddenly the foreign couple comes to know that Mimi's child is mentally ill, after which they refuse to take the child. After this, the real story of the film begins… After this, Mimi tells Bhanu the father of her son in her house.

Also, the story of Mimi's pain is shown in the film. Mimi has a son and then Bhanu's wife also reaches there and then everyone comes to know the whole truth. Mini, Bhanu, and Sama are all happily raising Raj (Mimi's son). Then after four moves the couple comes back and talks about taking Raj along. But does Mimi send Raj…you have to watch the film for that.

Mimi Review: Performances

If we talk about acting, then everyone has acted in a very good way. Pankaj Tripathi has an excellent appearance in the film. Pankaj has been seen overshadowing everyone due to his acting in the film.

image source- koimoi
image source- koimoi

On the other hand, if we talk about Kriti in the film, the actress has acted very well. Kriti has dominated the role of a mother's pain and a troubled girl. All the other stars have also done a great job. 

Mimi Review: Direction

Talking about the direction of Laxman Utekar, it is really great. Laxman Utekar has beautifully presented the things of a small town. The dialect, clothes, background score, music have all been presented very well by the director.

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Mimi Review: Final Verdict

If we talk about the film, then it is a full package film. Good work has been done on music, acting, everyone in the film. The film will make you laugh and cry too. Along with this, if you are a fan of Pankaj Tripathi, then this film is definitely for you. On the other hand, if we talk about the week points of the film, then after the second half, story of the movie becomes predictable. 

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