By Neha Sinha, Updated : May 24, 2020 10:27 IST
Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar has tested Coronavirus positive, home quarantine

Bollywood veteran actor Kiran Kumar has been tested Coronavirus positive. Kiran Kumar recently got his test done. There were no signs of corona in them. At present, after a positive report, he has been kept in-home quarantine. Kiran Kumar told me that I was fine and there were no symptoms in me. On 14 May, I went to the hospital for medical checkups. Where the Covid-19 test was necessary. So I also got myself tested and the result came positive.

Famous Hindi, Gujarati and Bhojpuri actor Kiran Kumar has contracted corona. Speaking to the news portal, Kiran Kumar himself said that the corona is positive. He has been kept at home without being hospitalized due to a lack of symptoms. 'I am fine and there is no reason to worry,' said Kiran Kumar.

Kiran Kumar Tested Corona Positive

'I wanted to go to a hospital in Mumbai for some treatment,' Kiran Kumar told ABP News over the phone. I took some tests for that. It also took the Covid-19 test. The report of this test came on 14th May. 'It simply came to our notice then,' he said. 'I don't have any symptoms of coronavirus,' said Kiran Kumar. Cold, fever, cough, and no pain. Being asymmetrical, the hospital did not require admission. I am currently living comfortably in my two-story home in self-isolation, he said.

My house is too big. Upstairs I live alone following all the rules. So my family lives downstairs. There is no reason to worry, I am fine, said Kiran Kumar. Kiran Kumar's next corona test is scheduled for May 26.

Kiran Kumar found Coronavirus Positive

Kiran Kumar, the son of famous character actor Jeevan, acted as a hero in many movies in the '70s and '80s. But he got recognition for his role as a villain. In many movies, he made a name for himself as a villain. He has acted in Hindi as well as Bhojpuri and Gujarati movies. Kiran Kumar has also played important roles in some series.

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