By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 15, 2020 12:04 IST
Coronavirus Myths vs Facts- Kartik Aaryan interacts with Doctor who cured Covid19 patient

Amid lockdown, Karthik Aryan has started a series called 'Koki Poochega'. In this, he is interviewing Corona Survivors. He has spoken to Ahmedabad-based doctor Meemansa Buch in the second episode of his series. Coronavirus positive cases in the country are not taking the name of reduction and for this, the government has announced a 19-day lockdown after 21 days of lockdown. During this time, Bollywood Celebs are active on social media. At the same time, Karthik Aryan has started a series called 'Koki Poochega'.

In the midst of the havoc of Coronavirus, Kartik Aaryan is constantly trying to spread awareness among fans. Meanwhile, Karthik Aryan started the 'Koki Askhega' series to make people aware. The second episode related to this program of Karthik Aryan has also been released, in which he spoke Dr. Meemansa Buch from Ahmedabad hospital for the second episode. In this video, the actor is talking about the Myths vs Facts related to the coronavirus. It is special that this video, shared shortly before, has been viewed more than 8 lakh times so far. 

Karthik Aaryan Coronavirus myth vs fact

In his video, Karthik Aaryan, while interacting with Dr. Meemansa Buch, asked, 'The coronavirus ends up in hot areas.' The doctor replied to him that it was a rumor. Karthik Aryan asked the next question that alcohol kills coronavirus. On this too, the doctor replied that it is a rumor. The actor further asked that children do not have coronavirus, on which Doctor Mimamsa said that this is also a rumor. The actor further asked the doctor that eating Chinese food also causes coronavirus. The doctor responded by laughing that it was a rumor. In the end, the actor asked that Karthik Aryan is your favorite actor, on which the doctor starts laughing.

1) Covid19 doesn’t spread in hot and humid areas - myth
2) Consumption of alcohol will kill coronavirus in the stomach - myth
3) Children can’t get affected by coronavirus - myth
4) you can catch coronavirus by eating Chinese food - myth
5) Kartik Aaryan is your favorite actor - fact.

Karthik Aaryan's 'Koki Poochega' Episode 2

Kartik Aaryan, posting this video, wrote, 'Paduku used to laugh at the kids, didn't we? Episode 2 of Koki with Doctor Mimamsa.' Kartik Aryan had also shared a video related to Koki Askhega earlier, which was highly appreciated by the people. At the same time, speaking of coronavirus, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, the number of coronaviruses infected in India has increased to 11,487. In the last 24 hours, 1463 new cases of corona have been reported and 29 people have died. So far 353 people have died due to corona in the country, although 1190 patients have also been successful in defeating this disease

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